1902 Antique Silver Finish Coins (Half Dollar)

1902 Antique Silver Finish Coins (Half Dollar)

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The coins were designed to look as if they were issued by a secret society from 1902 - perhaps one to which even Erdnase himself would have belonged. A rumoured initiation into such societies was the initiate’s wearing of a blindfold to complete a challenge, representing that until one was granted access to the inner secrets, they were blind.

The Double-Headed Eagle is the Babylonian symbol of the followers of Ninurta, one of the oldest secret societies in known history. In Akkadian mythology, Ninurta was the God of War, who defeated the monster Anzu to obtain the tablets of destiny - tablets that gave the bearer the power to rule the universe.

'Acta Deos Nunquam Mortalia Fallunt' inscribed along the circumference of the coin is Latin for ‘Mortal Actions Never Deceived the Gods’ whilst the opposite side reads ‘Decipimur Species Recite A Falsis Prinicipiis’ - a bastardisation of ‘Deceived by the false appearance of the right principles’.

Fast List

  • •   The exact dimensions of a Walking Liberty Half Dollar
  • •   Antique Silver Finish
  • •   Ferromagnetic Core - these coins will stick to a magnet, and can be magnetised themselves
  • •   Unmilled Edges limiting unwanted talk
  • •   Softly burnished faces allow smooth movement across a close up pad
  • •   Scratch & Impact resistant

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Customer Reviews

  • by Isaac Zapata

    Jan 2016

    In my opinion, these are the best coins I've used thus far. I love the look and they feel amazing. The edges are perfect for all the sleights. I would grab these if you were thinking about getting some quality coins to do magic with.

  • by Karl Fiesta

    May 2015

    These coins are good. I do a lot of coin magic and my only complain with these coins is that it is a bit lighter than regular coins. Compared to Barber and Kennedy halves, they seem lighter. The edges too are not milled but are sharp so they aid in palming. The look of these coin are unique and interesting. I highly recommend this product.

  • by Rod Carpan

    Jan 2015

    I have experimented with many different coins, both custom made from websites and from actual circulated/non-circulated coins, but this is by far the best coin that I have come across. It's lightweight, it has that perfect half dollar size that just grips your palm, and it has the antique look of a coin that hasn't been touched by human hands in over a century.