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CARD WARS - How To Play
Every order over $25 is given a Free Entry Code to play 'CARD WARS' - plus Bonus Games are awarded based on how much you spend. The highest score of any 1 game played determines where you place on the Scoreboard. Final rankings will be determined at Midnight EST, December 31st, 2015.
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Card Wars
Grand Prize
Part 1

Your Chance to Win a Killer Bee Camaro

Total Grand Prize valued over $62,000

Card Wars
Grand Prize
Part 2

Now you can spend your money on playing cards & pizza!

Total Grand Prize valued over $62,000

Card Wars
Grand Prize
Part 3

Party with Team E at the 2016 Ellusionist Creative Summit in Santa Barbara

Total Grand Prize valued over $62,000

Card Wars
Second Prize

Take to the skies with your very own drone.

Prize valued at over $1,200

Card Wars
Third Prize

An electronic longboard
to have you cruising in style

Prize valued at over $999

Card Wars
Fourth Prize

Go wild on our store and fill your cart with all of our sweet products

Prize valued at $1,000

Card Wars
Fifth Prize

Choose from any of our non-rare playing cards

Prize valued at over $900

Card Wars
Sixth Prize

Tell the time in supreme style

Prize valued up to $350

Card Wars
Seventh Prize

Smallest, lightest, most convenient camera around

Prize valued at over $300

Card Wars
Eighth & Ninth Prize

Our famous custom Prohibition set

Prize valued at $125

Card Wars
Prizes 10 & 11

Signed PYRO Flame Thrower System & 3 Packs Of Refills

Prize valued at over $210

Card Wars
Twelfth Prize

Get your hands on every download of 2015

Prize value unknown

Card Wars
Prizes 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17

Black SWE Brick
An entire BRICK of Rare Black SWE Decks

Prize Valued at $90

Card Wars
Prizes 18 to 35

Killer Bees Brick

Prize Valued at $90

Card Wars
Prizes 36 to 40

Signed by Peter McKinnon & Daniel Madison

Prize Valued at over $150

Card Wars
Prizes 41 to 43

Signed Gold Arcane deck

Prize Valued at $1,000

Card Wars
Prize 44 to 46

Signed Red Arcane Uncut Sheet

Prize Valued at $1,000

Card Wars
Prizes 47 to 51

Rare & Beautiful Uncut Absinthe Tuck Sheet

Prize Valued at $350

Card Wars
Prize 52 to 56

Razor Clip & leather pouch by Peter Mckinnon

Prize valued at $100

Card Wars
Prizes 57 to 59

Get your hands on these signed RARE cards

Prize Valued at $150

Card Wars
Prize 60 to 63

His entire collection of expertly taught DVD's

Prize Valued at $180

Card Wars
Prizes 64 to 68

Gamblers DVD + signed deck

Prize Valued at $100

Card Wars
Prizes 69 to 71

Signed by Brad Christian himself

Prize Valued at $100

Card Wars
Prizes 72 to 74

Signed by Brad Christian himself

Prize Valued at $100

Card Wars
Prizes 75 to 77

A signed copy of Creative Magic by Adam Wilber

Prize Valued at $50

Card Wars
Prizes 78 to 80

1st Edition Black Ghost Deck
1 deck of the very first edition Black Ghosts

Prize Valued at $999

Card Wars
Prize 81

Handmade by Team E's Mike Clarke + 2 Rare Decks

Prize Valued at $140

Card Wars
Prizes 82 to 86

A copy of his final book.

Prize Valued at $55

Card Wars
Prizes 87 to 95

Get a FREE download of your choice on our store

Prize Valued at $10

Card Wars
Prizes 96 to 100

Get a FREE download of our new iPhone app

Prize Valued at $4.99

For full details on our 2015 Holiday Giveaway Prizes, Card Wars Game and Entry Terms - please see our Terms & Conditions Page.


Q. I have downloads in my cart, by am I being asked to pay shipping?
A. We want you to have some free items, at no cost to you. We'll pay for those gifts. But you have to pay for the shipping for those item. If you don't want them, you can simply continue the checkout without selecting any of the free gifts.

Q. How do I claim my items?
A. Once you have finished shopping go to your cart. If you qualify at the price levels for your bonus items, you should see a link in the cart (above the checkout button) that says "Select your Bonus Items and Checkout". You will then see this same item selection page during your checkout process to select your items. Choose an item from each level and click the "I am done! Checkout Now" button to complete your order.

Q. How does the program work?
A. The more you buy in a single purchase entitles you to choose some of our rare items. The setup is similar to our popular Holiday Giveaway. We have eight spending levels, or tiers ($75, $150, $300, $450, $600, $1000, $1500, $2000). You can select an item for every tier you reach in a single purchase. The cool thing is that you keep an item choice from each level you reach. For example if you reach the $450 level, you will also get choices from the $75, $150, and $300 levels.

Q. How long will this promo last?
A. This promo will end Midnight EST Dec31/2015.

Q. How do I sign up or enroll?
A. If you're reading this, it means you're already enrolled. Participation is automatic and requires no extra setup -- all you have to do is ensure that you are making purchases through your customer account. Items for which you are eligible will appear at checkout.

Q: What are the rare items up for grabs?
A: Look up. There are plenty of items that can't be purchased that we are giving away..

Q: There's a limited number of some of these items, such as the Gold Arcane Sheet, or the Inverted Decks. What happens when they run out?
A: When they're gone, they're gone forever. They will never be remade.

Q: What will take their place as items when they run out?
A: We will promise you this: There will always be an item worthy of an Ellusionist power customer. What those items will be? It's a secret.

Q. Why can't I just buy any of those items?
A. Because.

Q. Why the heck would I pay $1000 for a 6 decks of cards? Or $450 for a razor clip?
A. Technically, you're not paying a single dime for this stuff. You're, first and foremost, purchasing INCREDIBLE magic, which is going to keep you busy for a long time and, depending on how far you decide to go with your magic, help you land gigs and build a business. These items are BONUSES TO YOU, meant to thank you for being such a power customer.

Q. What counts toward the tiers? Does shipping count?
A. Any supplies, videos, books or other merchandise counts toward the tiers, after any discounts apply. We use your cart subtotal for calculation. You can load up your cart with $150 worth of knitted beanies and qualify. Shipping, duties, fees and any other applicable taxes do not count toward the tiers.

Q. I want to stock up on cards, and I have a coupon code, but using that coupon pushes my final total below $75. What counts, the actual cost or after-discount cost?
A. The after-discount cost. Any coupon codes, discounts or other bonuses can affect what tier your purchase reaches.

Q. I bought a couple of bricks of cards last week. Does that count toward my total?
A. Sorry. You must reach one of the tiers in a single purchase.

Q. I'd like to combine two or more of my purchases to reach a higher level. Can I do that?
A. Again, you must reach one of the levels in a single purchase.

Q. OK, I just racked up $75 in my cart. Once I make the purchase, what do I get?
A. You get to choose the items at that tier.

Q. OK, in a separate purchase, I spent $350. After thinking about it for a long time, I decided I'd rather have something else. Do I get any kind of balance toward the next purchase?
A. Hang on, there. Spending $300 lets you pick one gift FROM EACH TIER, so you don't have to choose between the Ring and Key ($75 tier) and Revolvers ($300 tier). You can choose both, and something from the $150 tier.

Q. How do I select my items?
A. At checkout, the items for which you qualify will pop up. All you do is select which ones you want.

Q. Will these items always be this sweet? What if you run out?
A.Then, we'll replace them with even better items. These items will not stay the same forever. What is here today may not be here tomorrow. Our mean lawyer wants us to say, "Ellusionist has the right to add, remove or change any of the bonus items or tier levels at its discretion."

Q. What if I forget to add my items?
A Sorry! If you forget to add your gifts before you checkout, you will be responsible for those charges to re-ship your free items.

When you reach a certain subtotal in your shopping basket, you will be awarded one selection of the items in the associatied tier. When you keep adding items to your basket, you jump up a bracket and will able to choose both the new item and the previous ones. The more you order, the more bonus items you will receive.

Shipping and sales tax rates (if applicable) are NOT included in the purchase price. In other words: If you spend $70 on products, but live in an igloo on the southern tip of Antartica and rack up $50 worth of shipping, you do not qualify for the first bracket. SHIPPING AND SALES TAX RATES WILL NOT HELP YOU OUT WITH THIS GIVEAWAY.

You can order as many times as you wish. Each time you order, you will receive prizes based on that particular purchase. Orders cannot be combined over time. In other words, if you buy $100 worth of stuff on Dec. 1, then $250 worth of stuff on Dec. 13, that will not bump you up to the $300 bracket.

Only one item from each applicable level per shippable order, please. (Example: You cannot place 4 orders, then ask to combine 4 orders into a single shippable order.) Single shippable retail orders only are eligible for a single item at each level.

Returns: Full or partial order returns will be subjected to the same bracketing system as listed above. Example: If you order $450 worth of products and wish to return $200 worth of products, then your order original value will be reduced to $150 and you will be required to return your bracket 3/4 items, however you can still keep your bracket 1 & 2 items as your order total will be above the bracket 2 $150 mark.

If you forget to add your bonus items before you checkout Ellusionist will no longer be responsible for shipping charges. You will be responsible for those charges to re-ship your bonus items.

For more details on returns, see our return policy here.