Applesauce by Patrick Redford

Applesauce by Patrick Redford

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Customer Reviews

  • by Jonathan Hsu

    Feb 2016

    Met Patrick at MagiFest2016 and he was extremely kind and humble person.

    At the time I had only read thru to the first 3 chapters but now I'm 2/3rd in and I'm still trying to unpack all the great stuff in here.

    Completely changes my thoughts in card magic where I'm no longer searching for that perfect sleight but I'm concentrating on performance for maximum effect because each chapter is pure miracles in impossible conditions.

  • by Adzziq Azman

    Jan 2016

    60 bucks for this is definitely worth every penny!! I love it!

  • by Jeremy Watts-Klein

    Oct 2015

    If you are at all on the fence about this book, get on board, the value is definitely there.

    The books instruction and illustration are easy to follow. The tricks themselves are brilliant and you can easily perform them right away. The best part is the limited amount (if any) of sleight of hand needed. It makes it so that everything always seems very fair, and the participant is in control. That is what makes the material incredibly strong.

    The reactions you will receive will be like none you have before. "Advantageous" particularly is one I have been able to perform with great success. People are shocked after this trick. It could easily be a closer because it leaves them speechless. They truly cannot fathom what just happened. I have had people get up and leave without saying a word to run and get their friends to have me perform it on them.