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Get the Blue, Green and Purple Artifice Decks today and save 10% instantly.

The first edition of Artifice Playing Cards attained perfection, elegance and commanded attention. But you wanted more and we're here to prove to you that we're always listening.

Perfection was just the beginning. The Artifice Playing cards are now adorned with a functional border on the back that allow anyone to perform 'reversed' card effects and improve upon the deceptiveness of your sleights.

Full Overview

Perfection was only the first step. Enter, the next generation of Artifice. Second Edition: Blue. Due to overwhelming demand, the functional border on the back was added to improve upon the deceptiveness of sleights requiring the alignment of cards, such as a Push Off Double or Elmsley count.

The dark psychology of artifice just got a massive upgrade.

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"These are now my only weapons of choice. " - Daniel Madison, Advocate of the Deceptive Arts

"Hands down my favorite deck of all time." - Eric Jones, Top Pro

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Customer Reviews

  • by BD Founder Of MagiKloset

    Jan 4, 2014

    All you can say about these cards is wow! They are some of the best cards on the market, and probably my favorites for looks. Not only does the deck preform well, look well and feel well, it also comes with added bonuses that can be preformed with the jokers. Buy all three before it is too late, there going fast.

  • by zak Werdegar

    Aug 20, 2013

    These artifice cards are with out a doubt my favorite!! The purple back design almost glows and the performance coating makes them last a long time (meaning hours of non stop use). The look of the cards makes up for the price that your paying! Get them now!!

  • by Andrés De Las Salas

    Jul 31, 2013

    These cards are awesome, an incredible handling and design. First time I touched them it was just perfect. I would recomend these cards for people looking for something elegant and unique.