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If Erdnase was a deck of cards, he’d be the Artifice deck. Understated yet remarkable, Artifice is the consummate gentleman at the card table, albeit with an ace up his purple sleeve.

Trust everyone, but cut the cards.

Full Overview

Think about the most exquisite, luxurious lounges you've ever been in; those oak-paneled New England rooms that have hosted generations of movers and shakers. Everything stands out and blends in at the same time. All the touches give it a glow that makes everything feel naturally beautiful.

That's what the latest edition of the Artifice deck accomplishes. The Purple Artifice doesn't need to scream, because it radiates quality; featuring a classy design, resplendent without saying a word. 

It's just the right amount of flash.

With true metallic line-art, performance coating finish, the Purple Artifice has been produced using the same technological advancements at USPCC, originally created specifically for the printing of the First Edition Artifice deck. Yet purple, the color of royalty, adds a level of detail to the deck that gives it a top-of-the-line aura.

The experienced card worker knows that moves and sleights should always be quiet, in the background. Yet he also knows that a hint of quality says much more than any words he could think up. Rocking a purple Artifice deck is the card-table equivalent of speaking softly, but carrying a big stick.

Fast List

• Exclusive Performance Coating provides exceptional handling
• True-metallic silver line art

• Prime casino-grade stock for control and durability
• Built-in reveal on jokers
• Printed at the US Playing Card Company, with the highest quality control available
• Latin Script on box reads 'Ars Est Celare Artem'

Customer Reviews

  • by alan david trejo

    May 1, 2014

    this deck is amazing, the design is very elegant the purple is awesome love this deck and the ace of spades is so cool thanks ellusionist!

  • by Terry Ady

    Apr 25, 2014

    Very unique deck of cards, they stand out above all of the other artifice decks in the most amazing way. They have a beautiful deep purple to them that really stands out! Another piece of artwork from E.

  • by Alex Quiñones

    Apr 22, 2014

    Awesome deck of cards! I was so impressed of the huge amount of detail on this deck, the not only look fantastic but they fan and spread really well, sometimes they might get a little bit sticky because of the amounts of ink, but just let them sit for a couple of hours in a cool dark place and they will glide like air again. This is my favorite color of the artifice deck nice!