Aurelian Playing Cards

Aurelian Playing Cards

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Customer Reviews

  • by jude

    Mar 2017

    These cards are awesome, and feel really good in your hands

  • by Bridget

    Mar 2017

    Beautiful in design. Lovely in appearance. They do not handle however as well as I hoped they would. The Tuck and box is lovely. Unfortunately in the hand the cards just do not make the five star.

  • by Neel K

    Feb 2017

    I have to appreciate the detail and effort ellusionist has put in, but I think it's in vain. There's too much gold in it, and that just makes the deck look flashy. Normally, people prefer simple decks with light colors, and gold in a deck is a bit off.
    Moreover, these cards are similar to the Artisians by T11, and those cards lack handling, as do these. This was a rather disappointing deck.