Ax3 by Daniel Madison

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This is one of Madison's most deceptive displays of impossibility ...a "card at any number", but with triple the impact.

AX3 is so improbable you could perform this effect once per day for BILLIONS of years with a different outcome every single time.

With your spectators having more chance of winning the lottery, AX3 hits its target every time and is one of Madison's best kept secrets.

- Borrowed Deck
- Spectator Shuffles
- Numbers are named AFTER prediction is made
- No memory work involved

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Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 38 Minutes

Customer Reviews

  • by Donald Tanner

    Nov 2015

    Brilliant. Well thought out. Fortunately, the only sleight is one I know well and have no hesitation to use. I really like this because you truly can use a borrowed deck and do it instantly.

  • by Ryan B

    Jul 2015

    Performed this trick yesterday, and the reaction i got was completely priceless. You only get the best from Daniel Madison, keep in mind however you need to know a specific sleight in order to achieve this but other than that it's terrific, definitely worth every penny.

  • by Dave Campbell

    Jun 2015

    Do NOT be afraid to get this... I particularly hate the counting tricks and this is not one of them. 3 cards at locations given well after the point you should be able to know anything. Great instruction and super-great follow-on instruction.

    Worth every penny!