BALLER by JT Chalatsis

Contains Shippable item and Downloadable Instructions

The problem with all sponge ball magic is that it happens in a closed fist.

For the first time, BALLER destroys conventions and allows the vanish to be instant and open.

Effortless visuals with nothing to hide.

A revolutionary sponge ball gimmick has emerged.

Visibly pass sponge balls through:

• Tables
• Windows
• Their hands
• Anything!


"My mind is racing with possibilities - I can't wait to play with this." - Wayne Houchin

The BALLER VANISH is what classic sponge ball magic has been waiting for.

Each gimmick is hand-made to ensure quality and precision. 

Make Sponge Balls Great Again!

Get BALLER immediately.


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Customer Reviews

  • by Larry

    May 2017

    Nowadays it doesn't it seem like EVERY new release is a GAME CHANGER? Makes you wonder what game they are playing,.

    BALLER is ABSOLUTELY a game changer. It adds visual impact to one of the most ubiquitous of effects. Like coffee in tea bags ... everyone will be smacking their heads saying why didn't I think of this?

    So much fun ... I was using it after a few minutes. You will love this.

    If you EVER use sponge balls stop reading this ... and get BALLERS before it is sold out. And it WILL sell out.

    JT Chalatsis. Kudos. This will send ripples throughout the art of magic. Thank you.