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Everything about the deck screams HIGH-IMPACT.

The visual impact of the cards is startling. Voodoo, witchcraft, burned and blackened cards... mere concepts come alive with reverse image cards.

Full Overview

The first run of these special edition Tiger decks completely sold out within 96 hours. Now is your chance to get your claws on the second run with even more special edition features, including black-light sensitivity and the highest quality card made by the US Playing Card Company.

Customer Reviews

  • by Jose

    Mar 2, 2014

    This is a deck you must have if you love black decks, it fans great and it is very smooth and soft. Great for magic and play.

  • by dylan bryant

    Feb 21, 2014

    these are crazy fun for full deck color changes with the regular black back bikes, I perform splicer from regular black to the tigers to open and get great reactions. unfortunately they glare really bad in direct sunlight, and have bad contrast in dark situations; but if you can find a medium-light space they perform stunningly.

  • by DJ Rodriguez

    Feb 16, 2014

    The Tigers are a real eye opener. The design is very modern, mysterious, and cool.