Bicycle Deck Seals

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    How do you make a deck look new again?

    People know for a fact that if a deck is SEALED, it's new.

    It's easy to take the plastic off a deck without ruining it, and use it to wrap the deck up again later. But it's impossible to re-use a seal because it tears when you open the deck.

    Until now. There are 20 seals to a package, which means you've got 20 times to fry your spectator.

    Full Overview

    When you need to prove a deck is new, this is how you do it.

    Imagine the possibilities:

    • Introduce a stacked deck
    • Introduce a trick deck (Invisible, Rising Card, Brainwave, etc.)
    • Introduce a forcing deck right out of a new box
    • Make your used deck look NEW

    Customer Reviews

    • by Hunter Mayberry

      Dec 30, 2013

      These are really good for different tricks. The deck seals are great with the Bicycle rider back playing cards. You can always have a deck setup looking brand new when we both know it has been open. Just buy one, two, or even three sets to have when you need them most. =)

    • by michael blau

      Apr 7, 2013

      If you want to take your card magic to the next level then this is a must buy. With a little set up you can become a wizard. You will never regret buying a deck seal!!!

    • by Mike Jordan

      Feb 17, 2013

      EXCELLENT!! & @Bobby... the corner tip of a razor blade peels the original seal nicely.