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The Bicycle Gaff Deck is a full collection of special art cards designed to fit quietly in with your normal Bicycle deck. This allows you to perform amazing illusions that were never thought possible.

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...Amazing things.

If you could use a card that is: shot, aged, flipped, zipped, fallen, faded, ripped and stuck, box printed, blank, creepy, blacked out, swirled, thumb printed, smudged, inked wrong, mis-made, tagged, transferred, erased, added to, too high, shifted, shattered, fractioned, blurred, skeletal, or predictive...


Work outside the box. GET CREATIVE.  Pick up your Bicycle Gaff Deck today.

Special note: the deck itself is NOT meant to come with instructions.  As you click to order your new gaff deck you will automatically be offered our training DVD called ARMY OF 52, starring Justin Miller. Get it.  He takes gaff cards to the limits of reality and you will learn everything there is to know about Gaffs in this DVD.

Note: Some cards are no longer available in the Gaff Deck. These include the 2 'Voodoo' Cards shown in the video

Customer Reviews

  • by Jason

    Feb 22, 2014

    I always thought people would notice it the moment they saw these tricks and know that it's a gaff card, but they never do! This is a wonderful deck of cards to have and I absolutely fell in love with them.

  • by James Taliaferro

    Nov 5, 2013

    This is by far the best $30 you can spend on E. The reactions you will get with these is phenomenal. Worth every cent.

  • by Matthew Whittaker

    Jul 8, 2013

    I used to think that gaff cards were cheating and that people would know right away that obviously it is a special card. I finally caved in and bought this deck and wow was I wrong! With proper sleight of hand and creativity, this gaff deck becomes your best friend! I use these cards all the time and people are amazed and stunned at how everything is done!