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"... a work of genius..."
~ Ian Chandler, Summersville, WV

Featured Routines on the Army of 52 Download

PIP MATRIX: Cause the pips (suit symbols) to visually move around the selected card-- culminating with all of the pips jumping to one corner of the card.

The performer places a BLUE backed prediction card in the spectator's hand, face down. Another spectator takes any card out of the RED backed deck, and he signs it. The card is put back into the deck. With no funny moves, the prediction card is then slowly, slowly turned over to reveal the spectator's SIGNED, selected card-- now with a BLUE back. What the...?!

CAPTAIN BLUR: Hold complete control of your spectator's senses. Their chosen card appears to literally go out of focus at your will.

The DVD is absolutely packed with full routines for these cards, including such hit effects as Diamond Card Spin, 4 Aces Flapping, DG Spade Orama, Negative Erdnase, Ambitious Black, Colt 45 Pip Switch, Coffin Card, Jeweler's Dozen, Color Suck, Ink Flow, Shattered Aces, Queen Transmit AND MANY MORE!


"I'm just a beginner, and I can make people cry, scream and run with this deck."
~ Nille, Gävle/Sweden

"11/10 pure awesome, the deck is so versatile and no one can believe what just happened infront of them!"
~ Gianluca Hayes, NSW, Australia

"This deck takes any magician and makes them a wizard. This is a must for all magicians at any level of experience."
~ Trent Vanaria, NY, USA

What is a Gaff Deck?

The Bicycle Gaff Deck is a full collection of special art cards designed to fit quietly in with your normal Bicycle deck.

No spectator expects cards like these.

If you could use a card that is: shot, aged, flipped, zipped, faded, ripped and stuck, box printed, blank, creepy, swirled, smudged, mis-made, tagged, transferred, erased, shattered, blurred, or skeletal...


This allows you to perform amazing illusions that were never thought possible.

Built In Features

Hidden in plain sight, the barcode reveals the 3 of Spades

Mirror Imaged Box. Couple with the included Box Gaff card for unbelievable transformations.

How Will I Know How To Use The Cards?

Do you know how to change one card into another? Do you perform an effect where a card changes? If you know the moves, these cards tell the story.

The cards for Queen Transmit, taught on the Army of 52 Gaff Training Download.

Note: Some cards are no longer available in the Gaff Deck. These include the 2 'Voodoo' Cards shown in the Army of 52 video.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Nickolas Wooden

    May 2014

    These Gaff cards are great! I don't use them every day, as I try to alternate what I do quite a bit and I think it takes the right crowd to use gaff cards on. That said when I do use gaff cards I use a mix of the old bicycle gaff cards and these. There are some really beautiful cards in this deck. The moving pips trick is great. The reveal cards are really cool as well. The only card i don't really like is the graffiti one, just not my style.

  • by Jason

    Feb 2014

    I always thought people would notice it the moment they saw these tricks and know that it's a gaff card, but they never do! This is a wonderful deck of cards to have and I absolutely fell in love with them.

  • by James Taliaferro

    Nov 2013

    This is by far the best $30 you can spend on E. The reactions you will get with these is phenomenal. Worth every cent.