Artifice Black Playing Cards

Artifice Black Playing Cards

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The Artifice Black Club is the first deck of its kind - the Ace of Clubs taking its rightful place as the embellished Ace instead of the spade.

An enhanced back centrepiece distinguishes this deck as something special in the Artifice line, setting it apart from the Purple, Blue and Green design, whilst retaining the signature Artifice aesthetics.

The Joker wears a mask - retaining the classic palmed-ace reveal - but revealing nothing more. He gets in, gets out and leaves no trace of his deception.

With true metallic line art, custom court cards, ace and jokers and an unsurpassed richness to the black inverted faces - this is one collectible deck you're going to have trouble keeping sealed.

Customer Reviews

  • by Evan Bell

    May 2017

    When I got mine, I was super excited to see what was inside. They are amazing! This is definitely a "must get" for all magicians. Once you see these cards, you'll love them right away. It is just unique and very beautiful. It is just an amazing deck. They are just so unique from the other Artifice Playing Cards. And that's what I like about them. If you're looking for a deck of cards to show and amaze others, this is the way to go. These cards are perfect. Amazing!

  • by Justin Sholler

    Dec 2015

    It is really hard to describe this deck. The feel of them in your hands is amazing, the finish will keep the cards able to perform again and again, the stock feels different in the best way, and the design is so elegant and subtle that the deck has easily made it into my top 5 favorites! FANTASTIC WORK ELLUSIONIST ! Well recommended, and great gift if you know anyone who loves cards and cannot access these.

  • by Benny Wen

    Feb 2014

    You know you belong to a great organization when you pull out these killer Artifice cards. I own all the Artifice cards ever produced and between the Gold Artifice and this one, I must say the black club exclusive artifice definitely bring about a shroud of mystery to your magic career