Black Club Gold Artifice Deck


$100 each

The Gold Artifice is the Magnum Opus of the Artifice Line. It is the last deck, the crowning glory of Artifice, that took over five months for USPCC to complete the printing - and that was just for the boxes.

With a plush suede tuckbox, richly embossed and laden in gold leaf, the Gold Artifice captures the light in a way that gives an almost halo effect to the deck, charging it with an almost palpable energy even before the seal is broken.

Inside, every card is printed with the signature metallic line-art for which the Artifice is known, in gold for the first time in the series. The ethereal black-on-black jacquard flickers into and out of view as the card moves in the hand, and the gold ink from the back continues around to the front of the card, highlighting pips, indexes and court cards alike.

As this is a Black Club Only deck, the featured Ace is the Club, rather than the spade - the multiple layers of white printed on black glowing from within the shadows of the ace.

Black Club members can purchase up to 4 more decks after renewal.

If you're not yet a Black Club Member - sign up here. The Gold Artifice is a strictly limited deck, once it's gone - it's gone.

Full Overview

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Customer Reviews

  • by Benny Wen

    Apr 2016

    Maybe it's just me but I like everything black and with the touch of gold makes this deck that much more majestic and mysterious in the hands of a seasoned card magician. Flourishes though...meh.

  • by Jesse Hammerle

    Oct 2015

    Best deck of cards I've ever hade!!! I did a shadow spring straight out of the box no problem! I saw the original cost then put them back in the box thinking maybe I'll use them when I'm better.....300+ shadow springs in and they still look and act new, I can't put them down!!!

  • by Thomas Chaltry

    Aug 2015

    This deck of cards is one of the classiest that I have ever come across. The elegance of this deck will put you at the top of your game night.