Black Club Luggage Tags

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    Full Overview

    A rich black leather luggage tag distinguishes you from other travelers at the baggage claim. Not only will they be able to see that it's your bag, but so will you. And you'll get a good feeling every time you do.

    Customer Reviews

    • by William Chow

      Jan 7, 2014

      amazing quality, its so nice it makes your luggage stands out, only problem is, it looks so good, people might steal it with your luggage !

    • by Charles Kenney

      May 11, 2013

      Just got this today it is really nice so nice my wife wants me to order her one for her suit case

    • by Inho Kim

      Feb 27, 2013

      I got this as soon as it was offered. It looks great on my luggage and the quality is awesome too!