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Full Overview


'This is a HUGE thing. Nobody should pass this up because it's REALLY valuable now. In fact we might be idiots.’
- CEO, Brad Christian, in an internal email.

Now this alone is worth the cost of membership. A quick glance at our 'Playing Cards' section reveals just how many decks we release each year - and now, every deck we release, is yours... FREE. That's right. Every Deck of Cards. Added to your cart, FREE.

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 Order today - and begin receiving the benefits of membership immediately including;

24 Hours Access to all New Product Launches,
Exclusive Deals and Discounts
Watch your (purchased) DVD instantly with the download delivered FREE

PLUS get 3 Free Downloads from our Downloads section, an extra 5% discount on every order AND MORE.
The Black Club Kit comes in 3 Sizes due to the HALO accessory.
A sizing chart is available at the bottom of this page for your reference.

Black Club members gain first-class access to the inaccessible - from a welcome kit showering them with rare gifts that cannot be obtained by any other means, to 24 hour pre-sale notice of new products and ability to buy before any other customer, perks and exclusive products from the Black Club Store.  

Admission to the Black Club Store is reserved for members only. This is an annual membership... each year your renewal of membership will bring additional exclusive gifts to your doorstep.


You will receive the following items,* shipped to your doorstep:


    • (1) Artifice Black Club Playing Cards Deck, Apex Edition

    • (1) Black Club Logo Playing Card Storage Box With Magnetic Closure (holds 15 prized decks*)

    • (1) HALO Fiber Optic Accessory

    • (1) Black Club Membership Card with hidden reveals


In addition to the shipped items above, you will receive:


    • (1) The ability to purchase two (2) additional Artifice Black Decks

    • (3) Downloads of your choice at no cost from these selected videos

    • (1) Every time you purchase a DVD - where the same product is also offered as a download - you will receive the download of the same DVD, FREE.

    • (5) % off each future order across the board

    • (24) Hours pre-notice of product releases to view and purchase

    • (250) Loyalty points instantly added to your Ellusionist account (INSTEAD OF THE NORMAL 147)

    • (1) Access to the exclusive Black Club Store, where only members can purchase rare items


* Does not include the type II Remington Dillinger Gun (manufactured before 1911) shown above, or the 1933 Double Gold Eagle $20 U.S. that are worth (7) million dollars each, the most expensive coins in history. Package does not include the decks seen inside the Black Club storage box.


General Sizing Ideas

Small - perfect for the average 15 year old
Medium - most of the staff wears medium... Brad, Mike, Pete, Daniel
Large - something a little bigger.

Want to be sure? Download the Exact sizing chart.

PLEASE NOTE: the annual membership is NOT automatic. You will be contacted to see if you would like to rejoin for the upcoming year. Membership and it's perks are NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE, as they are directly tied to your account. If you wish to give one as a gift we recommend purchasing a Gift Certificate and gifting that instead. Discounts and Promotions are not applicable with the Black Club Membership.

Customer Reviews

  • by Steven Fyfe

    May 2, 2014

    I am giving this five stars because of the true value of the club for me. The halo and card box are nothing great (in my opinion)! The card is also no big deal, but the %5 is helpful. The true value in the club is the rare decks that are great and the 500 pts. Those points with a few other orders are getting me a gold arcane soon. In addition, you get 6 downloads and not 3. There are three from the list and 3 more free in the black club store. I figure the decks, 6 downloads, free downloads with dvd purchase, and the 500 points make the club a great deal. The halo and box are just a little added bonus. I also think the element of surprise for the black club members is also interesting and priceless. I have no idea what to expect over the next year.

  • by Richard Brealey

    Mar 1, 2014

    I couldn't make up my mind to get this or not, when I finally did, I wasn't disappointed. The stuff it comes with is really cool and worth the money in my opinion.

  • by Jake Trowbridge

    Jan 27, 2014

    All of the accompanying gear is great and the discounts make it that much easier to keep your decks fresh and your tricks amazing. A must for frequent clients.



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