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    IMAGINE the looks you'll get when you pull one of these out. The professional card holder is finished with an intricate engraving of the Black Club back design.

    Full Overview

    Wrap your Black Artifice in Steel without losing its distinguished looks with the Black Club Stainless Steel Card Clip. This clip will protect your deck from accidental rips, tears, marks and squashing while its laser-etched form makes sure that you're not compromising on looks to do so.

    Exclusively available to Black Club Members only.

    Customer Reviews

    • by Benny Wen

      Feb 12, 2014

      Just remember to do some sanding down if scratching of the card boxes occur. Otherwise, this will make your decks more elegant and keep it straight.

    • by Abraham Sanchez

      Feb 11, 2014

      Beautiful clip for your cards, and you can't beat the price considering how expensive card clips can be. This particular clip is a bit underrated, but I am very happy with mine.

    • by Jake Trowbridge

      Jan 30, 2014

      Stylish looks, robust construction, and Black Club exclusivity all for two tenners? You bet. Absolutely top notch.


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