Black EPCC Close Up Pad

Black EPCC Close Up Pad

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Customer Reviews

  • by Allan Edwards

    Dec 2014

    It is a great mat. There were a little marks from shipping but they disappeared after a day or so. Also don't use a nice deck when you use the mat for the first time because it left little black specs on the side of my cards when I was using it for the first hour or so.

  • by Brandon Wei

    Nov 2014

    This close up pad isn't like anything else. It's soft, easy to transport, and very convenient! At first the packaging will make the mat very wrinkly, and have a lot of nasty lines, however, after practicing with it for a day, the lines will disappear! The mat overall is great, looks cool, and very suitable for practicing magic or whatever! BUY IT!

  • by Katrass

    Nov 2014

    I was disappointed at first, because the pad had marks on it (from shipping I guess) but after working with it they all disappeared. Very slick looking, a nice give to it for card handling like the Zarrow shuffle. A bit pricy though (especially with shipping fees) which explains only 4 stars