Black Tiger Gaff Deck


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What is a 'gaffed' deck, you ask? Simply, these are cards that fit quietly with your normal Tiger deck that allow you to perform miracles you could never otherwise do.
It’s based on the concept that people simply don’t suspect you could have cards that are specially printed.  For some reason they just don’t suspect it.  And that allows you to get away with…

...Amazing things.

If you could use a card that is: shot, aged, flipped, zipped, fallen, faded, ripped and stuck, box printed, blank, creepy, blacked out, swirled, thumb printed, smudged, inked wrong, mis-made, tagged, transferred, erased, added to, too high, shifted, shattered, fractioned, blurred, skeletal, or predictive...


Work outside the box. GET CREATIVE.  Pick up your Tiger Gaff Deck today.

Special note: the deck itself is NOT meant to come with instructions.  As you click to order your new gaff deck you will automatically be offered our training DVD called ARMY OF 52, starring Justin Miller. Get it.  He takes gaff cards to the limits of reality and you will learn everything there is to know about Gaffs in this DVD.



  • Limitless tricks you can perform
  • Build whole routines using gaff cards
  • Professionally made gaff cards normally cost up to $5 each. 5 X 56 cards is $280.00. At $29.95, the Black Gaff Deck is just .54 cents per card. Perform strikingly innovative tricks and pay pennies per card.


The Black Tiger Gaff Deck contains 48 unique cards that have the same high quality look and feel as the original Tiger deck, which feel so good in your hands. These cards blend in with your normal Black Deck, giving you the chance to disturb people's reality.

NOTE: Due to the numerous re-printings of the gaff deck changes have been made to the contents of the deck. Some of the cards that might see in the demo or online will either be missing or altered from the original printing.

Customer Reviews

  • by Jake Real

    Dec 2016

    My favorite of the Ghost and Tiger gaff decks. For some reason I got two Voodoo guys but the 4 of Spades on the back card wasn't there. They also updated the deck for the Tiger with red pips.

  • by Ryan Cook

    Dec 2015

    Very good gaff deck. Comes with most cards you would expect to see in any gaff deck, as well as many original cards. The possibilities are endless and you could come up with new tricks to no end.

    Well done Ellusionist

    ONE THING TO NOTE, this is for the black and white tiger deck, not the red version. Make yourself aware of that before purchasing.

  • by Brandon Rondot

    Jun 2015

    My first and only gaff deck so far. These are very fun to use in tricks and get great reactions. I was satisfied being able to see every type of card in the deck on the pictures. If you plan on doing tricks with these you MUST know sleight of hand to perform successfully. My only problem was mine did not contain the four of spades with pips "pushed" through the back of the card, one I was looking forward to. Unsure if that was an accident or it never came with the card, I didn't want to cause problems, and its an amazing and fun gaff deck to use.