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Not a single sheet survived the first printing of the original Artifice, so when we revised the deck to include borders - we knew we had to save some sheets for prosperity. Each uncut sheet has been individually signed - back and front - by the Ellusionist Creative Team - Brad Christian, Daniel Madison, Peter McKinnon, Adam Wilber, Mike Clarke and Jake Steele.

The Artifice deck took Ellusionist to the smoky back rooms of hole-in-the-wall gambling dens, where cunning and exceptional skill are the tools you need to escape not only with your winnings, but your knee-caps.

The jacquard design on the card backs are reminiscent of the high-roller rooms in the world's finest casinos, whereas the metallic linework conjures up images of the platinum credit cards littering the wallets of the gentlemen who frequent such rooms.

Here, for the first time, we present the uncut sheets - one of the three Artifice gems to survive the cutting room floor; the Sapphire Blue V2 Uncut Sheet.

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