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Four aces are peeled off the deck and set on top of a card box. Meanwhile, a card is chosen and signed by the spectator, then set on the table, far from the aces. The Aces are verified to still be visible, before being set beneath the card box. The magician pauses for a second, then turns over the previously selected card... to reveal the four aces.

But if the Aces are where the selection was, then the selection… The card box is lifted and the spectator turns over their signed card. Sure enough - they've changed places.

Justin Miller has created a transposition of four aces and a signed playing card using original moves created by him, moves which are used throughout a number of his effects. In nearly twenty minutes of thorough teaching, Miller explains his newly created sleights and subtleties, revealing a modular effect that's bound to please even the most hardened move-monkey.

Difficulty: Intermediate.
Run Time: 19 minutes.
Format: Download.

Customer Reviews

  • by deangelo minifield

    Jan 31, 2014

    It's a great product..........I'm a college kid on campus and the reactions I get from this is incredible. I love this effect !!!!!!

  • by Justin Harwood

    Nov 29, 2013

    Learning any of JM tricks is great (and worth the money) because he teaches really nice technique and control that can be applied to all tricks. This trick is easy and fun, though I have had a few people notice that the supposedly 4 cards weren't, it can be a hard sell. But it's good, worth the money and a nice simple addition.

  • by Russ Parson

    Nov 24, 2013

    I really like this video. I'm just starting out in magic (still in my first 6 months), and I'm a big JM fan. I love the way he teaches his tricks, and this trick is no exception there. The way this trick is an exception is that in teaching the trick he teaches multiple moves that have multiple uses outside this trick.

    If you watch the trailer and don't really want to learn to do this trick, you should still consider purchasing this video. This video is a toolbox of moves for you to use in other tricks that you can make.

    Not to mention the trick is fun.