Box of Seconds

Box of Seconds

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Customer Reviews

  • by Brian

    Jul 2017

    I had bought one box of seconds, and was extremely pleased. I received a few of the original kings, some red 1800 series cards, blue keepers, and a few other miscellaneous decks. Definitely will purchase another box of seconds when they are back in stock again. I also got the black club artifice box, in good condition with the except of the back of the box not being attached, but I just took a hot glue gun to the back to reattach it and it's like new now! Love this! Amazing deal!

  • by Zane

    Jun 2017

    I enjoyed the box of seconds. I never though I would get my hands on original kings since they aren't for sale anymore but they sent a brick of them which I enjoyed. They gave me a deck of Knights, Killer Bees, and a Shadow Masters Legacy edition as well. I would have got another box if there was a list of potential decks inside not just the picture of decks.

  • by Zakary

    May 2017

    Included was 15 decks: 10 of which were original Kings in the gold box and of the other five decks, one is completely unusable due to the level of damage to the cards. In addition, the box is falling apart. I had high hopes but this was, unfortunately, a let down.