Box of Seconds

Box of Seconds

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Customer Reviews

  • by Zane

    Jun 2017

    I enjoyed the box of seconds. I never though I would get my hands on original kings since they aren't for sale anymore but they sent a brick of them which I enjoyed. They gave me a deck of Knights, Killer Bees, and a Shadow Masters Legacy edition as well. I would have got another box if there was a list of potential decks inside not just the picture of decks.

  • by Benjamin

    May 2017

    I've purchased 2 boxes and am always will pleased. It gives me plenty of decks to practice with and sometimes a chance to experience new decks that I just have not thought were interesting enough until I got them in my hands. Look forward to a new box every time they come available.

  • by Samuel GREEN

    Sep 2016

    Hands down, best 60 bucks spent. And that says a lot. Nothing but quality from these guys.