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"Breakthrough is like real magic for the eyes! I'm gonna be doing this for everyone, it's the sort of magic I love to perform!"
~ Dynamo

Breakthrough is a true masterpiece that fools even the most experienced professionals. It is the most direct, flexible and practical coin-into-can effect for any situation. You visually slam a coin through the bottom of an empty can and immediately hand it out.

That's it. It's that simple. It can't look any more real than this.

"Congratulations, it's a beautiful piece!"
~ Wayne Houchin

Key Points Video

Skip to 1:35 for three performances from multiple angles.

Fast List

• Perform impromptu with borrowed items.
• Spectator can sign the coin.
• Use any soda can and any currency.
• No Gimmicks.
• No preparation before the performance.
• Immediately show the coin inside the can.
• Hand everything out for inspection.

"I've seen probably more magic than anyone in the world in my career. Breakthrough is one of those very rare items that reminds me why I love magic. It fooled me and then when I learned the method, it made me smile"
~ Tim Trono

Breakthrough is the one perfect miracle. Perform this and you'll leave your spectators with a memory for a lifetime. Add the DVD or Download to your cart now.

Customer Reviews

  • by drex master

    Nov 14, 2015

    Breakthrough is by far one of the most best piece of magic I've ever seen, The method itself is GENIUS and the fact that even a SIGNED COIN variation is possible is absolutely JAW DROPPING, A little practice is requires to get the moves down but apart from that its beautiful , Great Work Mengel Brothers.

  • by Kieran O'Sullivan

    Aug 31, 2015

    100% LOVE breakthrough. I perform it all the time, its so natural and you can borrow everything. Johannes is super funny guy and the dvd is excellent. He teaches everything in great detail and there are a few added bonuses. It's simple, buy breakthrough.

  • by Arthur Openshaw

    Feb 3, 2015

    Such a simple premise but it really packs a hell of a bang. I really love this trick, simple, plays big, huge reaction.
    Make sure to watch the whole DVD, their story alone is worth the price and shows what can happen with dedication and self belief. Great story but amazing trick and so simple makes you wonder why you never thought of it.



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