Breakthrough by Johannes Mengel


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"Breakthrough is like real magic for the eyes! I'm gonna be doing this for everyone, it's the sort of magic I love to perform!"
~ Dynamo

Breakthrough is a true masterpiece that fools even the most experienced professionals. It is the most direct, flexible and practical coin-into-can effect for any situation. You visually slam a coin through the bottom of an empty can and immediately hand it out.

That's it. It's that simple. It can't look any more real than this.
"Congratulations, it's a beautiful piece!"
~ Wayne Houchin

Key Points Video

Skip to 1:35 for three performances from multiple angles.


• Perform impromptu with borrowed items.
• Spectator can sign the coin.
• Use any soda can and any currency.
• No Gimmicks.
• No preparation before the performance.
• Immediately show the coin inside the can.
• Hand everything out for inspection.

"I've seen probably more magic than anyone in the world in my career. Breakthrough is one of those very rare items that reminds me why I love magic. It fooled me and then when I learned the method, it made me smile"
~ Tim Trono

Customer Reviews

  • by Michael

    Dec 2016

    Amazing. Literally only requires practice. I hope you get this because it truly looks like a miracle. Don't be disappointed just by the explanation. Watch the rest and you'll love it!!

  • by Winter

    Sep 2016

    This is the first magic trick I've bought (I've bought more tricks since then), and I'm so happy with it! The secret is something I couldn't guess! Very clever! And this magician does a great job explaining the method. Compared to many of those coin-in-a-bottle routines, I think this one is the best. And worth the cost of buying to learn.

  • by Benny Wen

    Apr 2016

    The trick itself is magnificent! Handling requires practice, of course. All in all, very powerful. A super long video though but very detailed explanation. For the price, it is a little steep, but I suppose it is nice to support creativity from less well-known magicians.