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Learn to handle cards like a pro. Whether you can play the game or not you'll still be able to impress when people watch you in action.

You'll learn: Ribbon Spread...Ribbon Spread Turnover...Double Ribbon Spread Turnover...Ribbon Scoop...Dribbling...Thumb Fan...Closing Fan...One Handed...Giant Fan...Pressure Fan...Split Fan...Two Handed Split Fan...S-Fan...Corner Spring...Middle Spring...Sideways Spring...Anti Gravity Spring...Waterfall!

Customer Reviews

  • by crystal davison

    Dec 30, 2010

    This DVD is defiantly for beginners and I am a beginner, however, the direction is poor. He goes through the flourishes too fast and the directions aren't specific enough. It wasn't terrible, I can work with it, but I did expect clearer explanations.

  • by Rich Ferguson

    Apr 21, 2010

    You are correct... This is very basic stuff for those who are just starting out. Far too many books and DVDs forget that there are tons of people that have not been doing magic for years and are JUST now getting interested. For those who don't know how to walk yet, this will be helpful.

    This particular DVD is short and to the point and was made as an upsale to the others in the series, which are much more intensive and complete. Excellent filming and teaching. Easy to learn and follow tricks and handling.

  • by herman musa

    Feb 10, 2010

    this video is so amazing like the other dvd from ellusionist...