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Note: we deliberately priced the Cardistry project inexpensively at $14.99 to make up for our customers who already purchased the one-off from Daniel called "Stone Mason and Cowboys". If you had not ordered that yet please enjoy the exceptionally low price for all 13 of Madison's signature moves.

Full Overview

When you put a deck of cards in Daniel Madison's hands, remarkable things happen.

We've collected 13 of those remarkable things into Cardistry by Daniel Madison. This is Daniel's personal journey with a deck of cards and the amazing acts they can be made to do. What better place to explore these underground moves than Alcatraz...

From the underground scene learn the spreads, flips, cuts, tosses, falls and PRODUCTIONS that Daniel uses day after day when a lasting impression is the only option.

In this collection you will learn:

  • Punch and Malice
  • Spite and Malice
  • 1114
  • Alpha Dog
  • Broken Fan
  • Cowboys
  • Downfall Fan
  • Launchpad
  • Return
  • Silencer
  • Single Stretch
  • Stone Mason
  • W

  • Learn Daniel's THINKING behind each move and why Daniel chose to do it this way. Add Daniel's personal Cardistry to your card work right now.

    Customer Reviews

    • by Corey Werber

      Mar 8, 2014

      These flourishes are great. You will need time to learn these though. You'll need to practice a lot, but there are some easy flourishes like Broken Fan, Silencer, and Punch and Malice. My favorite is Cowboys, but it's very difficult and there is no spoken instruction on it. You will have to go back and watch these moves many times to learn them, but you'll be very proud of yourself once you get it. I would suggest buying this download. The price isn't bad either for what you get.

    • by Jack Cunningham

      Feb 17, 2014

      I am a fan of Daniel Madison, but some of the flourishes aren't as in-depth as I had hoped. Other than that these are amazing flourishes and are very time consuming, but worth it. So if you don't have a very good social life and alot of free time practicing these flourishes will take away all that free time. Overall beautiful flourishes and great video

    • by George

      Feb 15, 2014

      This is an amazing download and worth the money, IF you are looking for only flourishes. I was just a little disappointed when I realized there wasn't much verbal instruction, but with watching and rewatching and days of practice... I could follow along. I am fairly new to magic (7 months) and I felt after I got it I would be better off with something like Card in Bottle, but I have to say, once I master a couple of them I had a lot of fun. You will not be disappointed if you get this, but just make sure it is what you want.