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2000 Recognition points each

In 2008 Ellusionist sponsored and brought to magicians the VH1 show 'Celebracadbra' - a reality show that took 7 celebrities and teamed them up with some of the biggest names in Magic to find the 'Best Celebrity Magician' - if you missed it, it was basically 'Celebrity Survivor' crossed with 'Last Comic Standing' - where celebrity contestants were matched against each other to out-perform magic tricks they had to learn, practice and perfect in just 7 days.

While rummaging through the Ellusionist Vault to stock our rewards store, we found just 5 distressed ball-caps, embroidered with the Ellusionist logo - and signed by all 7 contestants - actor C. Thomas Howell, pussycat doll Kim Wyatt, actor and comedian Hal Sparks, rapper Christopher 'Kid' Reid, singer Carnie Wilson and comedians Lisa Ann Walter and ANT.

The rewards store is the only way you'll get your hands on one of these hats - and with just 5 available, they won't last long.