Chaos Theory by Daniel Madison

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From the warped mind of Daniel Madison comes Chaos Theory.

You want to twist the mind of someone. This someone is special. You want them to remember this.

They think of any card. No force, No B.S.

You shuffle the cards face up and face down then reveal their THOUGHT OF CARD is the only face up card in the deck. But it doesn't stop here, you've just controlled Chaos. Now, you restore order...

You turn the deck face up and show the entire deck is in perfect order. Their thought of card being reversed exactly where it should be in the deck.

Daniel is going to personally explain his methods, including the remarkable Vice Shuffle. The entire trick takes place in your hands. No need for a table, you can do this trick anywhere. Be ready to leave your mark with Chaos Theory by Daniel Madison.

Customer Reviews

  • by Neel Kard

    Nov 2016

    The Effect is amazing, no doubt about that. The problem is with the explanation. He only takes 3 seconds to explain how he found the spectator's selected card, which is NOT what people are expecting when they pay for a trick. It would have been better if Daniel had explained it thoroughly instead of expecting us to know how to do it. But I think this is really a unique triumph, and there is no problem with reactions.

  • by Johnie Stokes

    Oct 2016

    Great effect the shuffle was fun to learn it blows people's minds everytime I do this effect

  • by Jaime Salvanés Crespo

    Aug 2016

    I love This effect. Is wonderful and very easy to do. Its amazing





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