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    Grand Prize

    Macbook Pro retina + Canon T5i

    Apple Macbook Pro Retina 15' loaded with Ellusionist Videos.

    Second Prize

    Playstation 4

    Comes with your choice of 10 download videos

    Third Prize

    $1000 Shopping Spree

    Spend $1000 in the Ellusionist Store

    Fourth Prize

    144 Ellusionist (Unlimited) Decks

    144 Ellusionist Decks of your choice
    (Limited Decks Excluded)

    Fifth Prize

    32 GB iPad Mini

    Fully loaded with Ellusionist Videos

    Prizes 6,7,8

    Sharkskin Porper Clip

    The hottest card clip... EVER. Designed by Ryan Edwards of REHandCrafted.

    9th Prize

    Limited Deck Pack

    Pack of 10 Ellusionist rare decks

    Prizes 10,11,12

    Private reserve Blue LTD in Lucite case

    Signed by the Creator Peter McKinnon

    Prize 13,14,15

    Red Rounders in Lucite Case

    Signed by Creator Daniel Madison

    Prizes 16,17,18

    Red Rounders Anything is Possible Bottle

    Jamie Grant does it again
    Signed by Daniel Madison

    Prizes 19,20

    Red Ellusionist Street Bag

    Only given to Ellusionist Staff

    Prizes 21, 22, 23

    Black Club Membership

    1 year membership, discounts, free downloads and more
    1 year subscription to the Black Club

    Prizes 24, 25, 26

    Gaff Deck/DVD Bundles

    All of our Available Gaff DVDs & Decks

    Prizes 27, 28, 29, 30

    The Gecko

    Autographed by creator Jim Rosenbaum

    Prize 31, 32, 33

    Artifice Uncut Sheet

    A rare Red Artifice Uncut sheet

    Prizes 34, 35, 36

    Sultan Treasury Uncut Sheet

    A rare uncut sheet of our Sultan Treasury PLaying Cards

    Prizes 37, 38

    Colossal Mat

    Gigantic luxurious close up mat
    Colossal Luxury Mat

    Prizes 39, 40, 41

    Shift Key

    Self-Bending and pure magic.
    Shift Self Bending Key

    Prizes 42, 43

    M5 Kit

    Everything you need to perform amazing magic

    Prizes 44, 45, 46

    Gold Arcane Sheet

    A rare Gold Arcane Uncut sheet

    Prizes 47, 48, 49

    Brad DVD Pack

    One each of founder Brad Christian's teaching DVDs
    Brad Christian DVD Pack

    Prizes 50, 51, 52

    Daniel Madison Pack

    All of Daniel Madisons' DVDs

    Prizes 53, 54, 55

    Red Arcane Sheet

    A rare Red Arcane Uncut sheet

    Prizes 56, 57, 58

    Metal DVD Pack

    All 3 Volumes of the ground-breaking Metal Coin Magic Series by Eric Jones
    Metal DVD Pack

    Prizes 59, 60

    Shift PaperClip

    The newest miracle in the Shift Line
    Shift self-bending PaperClip

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