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"COG is a comprehensive manual for those wishing to perform a piece of pure, uncluttered mind reading. It will not come easily, but with work and understanding, it will allow you to simply tell a spectator which card they are thinking of; all with nothing written down, no cards in play and no other compromise. Recommended." - Luke Jermay

Pure Mind reading to divine a thought-of card. You’ve seen David Blaine do it. You’ve seen Derren Brown do it. Now, Ben Seward brings his own methods to achieve this astonishing feat.

Cog outlines the methods by which you can actually walk up to someone and tell them the card they are simply thinking of. No forcing a card from a deck. Nothing written down. Just clean, pure, mind reading.

“I’ve never been able to read minds, but I told my spectators and family that I could. I used a peek or gimmick, I was a fraud. What Ben has put together in COG means that I can now do what I pretended to do before, without having to lie.” - Geraint Clark

"When the script alone becomes a disguised vessel for the method, you're able to produce truly profound & impenetrable effects. It's this concept which has captured Ben's creativity, resulting with a beautifully direct & personal routine." - Ollie Mealing

“I had a few doubts about this at first but having witnessed Ben execute this flawlessly, time after time. I am left amazed at the idea, but more so at Ben’s study on the subject.”
- Daniel Madison

Format: Printed Book
Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 57 Pages

Customer Reviews

  • by Aidan McShane

    May 30, 2014

    It will not take long to read, but it will take a few reads to get your head around it all. It is rather brief but the techniques are well described.

  • by Terry Ady

    Apr 24, 2014

    The methods in this book will blow your mind. You read it, almost expecting things to not work but the second you try things out you come to find that Ben Worked out these methods very extensively. You'll read the book, then you'll find yourself reading it again and again to make the methods fit your style!!!

  • by Stephane

    Mar 21, 2014

    One of the best book I have ever read!!
    Thank you Ben, you opened a new door in mentalism.