Conspiracy by Eric Ross

Downloadable Video
Dai Vernon once said, "One of the most visually striking things for a spectator to witness is a color change."

But, what if that color change happened UNDER the wrapper of your card box? This added convincer of changing items under the wrapper elevates that impossibility. This is Conspiracy by Eric Ross.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Michael Nguyen

    Oct 2011

    So why will it cost more than the $15 for the download? Because you'll need to go on a scavenger hunt to acquire all the items needed to contruct the gimmick. Sure construction is easy enough, but getting everything required to make performance slick is pricey. After which, you'll be making a gimmick that is easily detectable. Even on the performances on the download, it flashes from the cameraman's angle. Way too expensive for it to be so risky and dirty.

  • by Devesh

    Jun 2011

    This is a very good color change , it is a little impractical , but not so much that you can't do it .

    I don't recommend buying this if you do not have a PK ring ,
    Eric Ross to his credit does teach alternate ways to make the change ,
    but that isn't half as good .

  • by alex villalpando

    Jun 2011

    I have to give it to Eric on how visually striking it is, but the gimick is tedious to make. The change itself was quite difficult... to his credit shows multiple ways of doing it. It just wasn't what I expected thought it'd be a quick easy thing to do turned out to be difficult and just didn't like the way it was set up. All in all great change just very impractical.