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Straight from the Bold Project (Volume 1) - Descent is the most visual torn and restored card routine we’ve ever seen.

Justin Miller has taken a classic of card magic and tweaked every aspect of it to arrive at an absolutely beautiful, flawless routine. A card is selected and signed, before being cleanly and unmistakably torn, piece by piece, into a packet of four torn pieces.

The signature is clearly ripped in half, the pieces are even handed back to the spectator to hold. The magician attempts to restore it in the spectator’s hands… unsuccessfully. Taking the pieces back, he resets the routine - the four pieces instantly changing into the single, signed, restored card.

Words just don’t do this effect justice. The restoration you’ll learn in this trick - as seen in the trailer - speaks for itself. It’s one of those singular moments of magic that make you sit up and take notice. That inspires. Pick up Descent Now.

Format: Download
Difficulty: Beginner
Run Time: 18 Minutes

Customer Reviews

  • by Joe MacF

    Aug 7, 2015

    It's a killer effect from one of the most prominent creative minds in magic today.
    If you're tempted by this get Aftershock and Vibration too. I have almost all published material by JM. When I show other magicians his most refined work it becomes my 'refuse to explain' material. It's just too good.

  • by Jason Robinson

    Jun 6, 2014

    Honestly, this is the only Torn and Restored effect I've ever been interested in performing. The method is exceedingly clean and there are no movements that aren't logically explained even to the most observant spectator. Further, I fully expect any dedicated, angle-conscious performer to be able to perform this routine without the "handling fool-proofer", making this a nearly impromptu effect.
    Justin Miller's Descent is definitely a worker.

  • by J.Meredith

    May 18, 2014

    This was my favorite effect from the BOLD trailer, and I love it. Really practical, and very visual (as you can clearly see). The gimmick is easy to make, invisible, and it can be easily loaded. He teaches a loading method, but I would personally just have a few in by back pocket and palm them into play when necessary. Definitely recommend.