Dimension by Duane Williams

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Great magic is defined by visuals. 

The visuals of Dimension astound. Even in slow motion.

Dimension is a compact gimmick made easily from household items.

This tiny accomplice can be brought in and out of play at any time. Producing a coin through bottle that's simply on another level.

- No holes.

- No slits.

- No selling your soul.


SIDENOTE: Duane actually picked up an empty bottle from the gutter when showing Team E this effect during filming. It floored them all.

Together for the first time

Learn Dimension INSTANTLY.

Customer Reviews

  • by Lazarus

    Jun 2017

    This is just amazing. Best coin in bottle I have done. End so clean that you kind of fool yourself. I thought it would be hard to do at first, but it actually comes pretty easy. Just an amazing effect. Hope to see more of his work in the future.

  • by Felipe

    Jun 2017

    I have bought a lot of magic and must say this is one of the best effects I have bought. Apart from being very visual and clean, the price is really well placed. I thought it would cost a little more. The best part is that I actually see myself performing this effect. So do yourself a favour and buy this trick right now! Thank you Duane!

  • by Matthew

    Jun 2017

    Literally my all time favourite download. Worth every penny. This could have for triple and I would still be happy.
    This is one of magic's greatest plots and in my humble opinion Duane's method is the most diabolically ingenious ever invented.