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Justin Miller re-emerges with power on Ellusionist.

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Divorce is A-List worker material at its finest. Battle tested in thousands of live performances, the dynamic routine hits in 5 phases, each stronger than the one before.

You won't find any ring move more effective or visually amazing than the PULL-THROUGH.... you will stop people IN THEIR TRACKS when you perform it.

Finally you won't be forced to pull out your deck when someone asks to see a trick, leave that for later. Gather your crowd with something really visual. Divorce them, using their own ring.

  • No ring is gimmicked in this routine even though spectator may think they are
  • Relatively easy to perform with some practice
  • Battle tested in thousands of live performances
  • The routine is meant to be performed with ALL EYES BURNING YOUR HANDS
  • You won't believe how this looks when you start performing the moves in the mirror
  • Customer Reviews

    • by Jordan Dyk

      Jun 9, 2014

      This is my go-to effect whenever I tell someone I'm a magician and they ask me to show them something. It's a great hook which can lead into you showing the spectator(s) card tricks, coin tricks, etc. It's a routine that establishes your credibility as a magician without using the trademark cards or coins. What is even better is that the spectator(s) actively participate which is what magic is all about.

    • by Andrew Kwang

      Mar 3, 2014

      Just bought this trick, and I have to say its really good. Yes, I did just buy this recently, and I'll need to practice for a while before I'll actually perform it, but I liked the tutorial a lot, it was a bit vague on a couple parts but I was able to catch on. It's not all that difficult, but I'd suggest that you get a light-weight ring if you want to perform Divorce rather than a heavy metallic ring.

    • by Jaret

      Feb 8, 2014

      This is a great tutorial for a great routine. If you like ring magic or just want a great effect, this is a wonderful product.