Ellusionist Black Track Jacket

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You may have seen footage of Brad Christian walking around wearing one of these - or perhaps one of the celebrities on VH1's 'Celebracadabra' - you may even have seen it work by Daniel Garcia or Justin Miller in one of their DVDs available on the site - but that's about the only places you would have seen it.

Until now, the Ellusionist Black Track Jacket has been reserved for Ellusionist Artists, special guests and staff, and the only way to get one was to be really nice to Brad... (or to sneak into his hall closet when he wasn't looking).

These track jackets are emblazoned with the Ellusionist logo on both the front and back, with red 'racing stripes' down both sleeves. Owning one gives you unrestricted bragging rights - as there are very few of these bad boys in existence. Represent with an Ellusionist Track Jacket - available exclusively in the Rewards Store.