Ellusionist Deck Storage Boxes

Ellusionist Deck Storage Boxes


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These boxes allow you to store up to 15 of your favorite decks in style when placed vertically, or 8 decks in display position (over two layers) - held in place by the inner lip of the box, granting access to the bottom of the decks for easy removal.

The box does not come with any decks inside, so head on over to our Playing Cards section to load up on your favorites.

Available in 5 gorgeous designs:
- 52 Proof
- Prohibition
- Black Kings
- Disparos Tequila
- Absinthe

High-quality cardboard with a sleek magnetic lid. Perfect for magicians and collectors.

At this price, you can afford to collect all 4.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Evan Bell

    Jun 2016

    I loved this box so much when I purchased this. I got the Absinthe deck box and I was amazed at how much detail there was to it. It held all of my cards in there including all my other magic supplies. It had such great quality to it and is still looking nice after a couple of weeks. I am so glad I got this before they sell out. Amazing.

  • by Rich John

    Apr 2016

    I bought all 3 boxes except the Kings one, which looks a little bit boring. The boxes themselves are sturdy, and I use them to hold my favourite decks (as presentation boxes). I would love it if we could get some Absinthe/Rum/White Wolf/Moonshine boxes too, as they are great brands that would look as good as these.

  • by Georgio Harmouch

    Dec 2015

    I have purchased 2 boxes, the tequila box and the 52 proof box, both beautiful and eye catching. They are also great conversation starters and are just simply incredible.