$238.55 each

You will never need anything else.  This is the final and ultimate package to learn sleight of hand.  You will carry with you amazing skills that will be with you from now on.

Ellusionist has become the most sought after magic training on the planet and with good reason: it’s easy to LEARN with our stuff.

The All-Ellusionist Collection takes you from beginner to advanced as YOU are ready for each step.  The DVDs…

Full Overview

You’ll receive the entire collection of 9 Ellusionist DVDs, encompassing HOURS of footage and training in magic.

During this never-before-seen promotion you’ll receive over $100 in completely free gifts to aid in the magic you are learning.

The DVDs are taught by world class teacher and magician Brad Christian.  Something about Brad’s teaching just allows the magic to “seep into you” so easily – it’s like learning from a good buddy who is teaching you secrets you’ve never seen before.  Somehow you just get it so much faster from Brad.


"... the marking of true teaching revolutionary genius.... a higher level of magic that I only envisioned in my dreams."
- Mike Delbert, Mission, TX


“…. Sets a new precedent of greatness in the field of magic education…”
~ Nate Staniforth, CA

You’ll own the complete collection of Ellusionist training and you will be performing tricks in the FIRST HOUR YOU START WATCHING.

You’ll be able to levitate, make coins vanish at will, make objects float, read minds, change a card from red to black in a blink ---- and SO much more.

You’ll learn about what makes presentation so important, how to speak, how to react, how to MAKE AN IMPRESSION NO ONE WILL FORGET.  You’ll learn how to misdirect attention at will – easily.

It’s time for you to GO FOR IT.  Ellusionist is the largest online magic training center and you simply can’t do any better than this.  The training is visual, entertaining, and proven effective

During this special promotion, you’ll receive over $100 of beautiful free GIFTS included in your package: 6 decks of CUSTOM playing cards to get you started (Black Arcane, Ignite, Vintage 1800 Red, Black Tiger Red, Arcane, Bicycle Ghost Deck) PLUS: invisible thread, custom engraved steel Card Guard [Artifice] to hold your playing cards, custom Ellusionist plated Dog Tag to wear, and our most famous levitation DVD which has sold 10’s of thousands of copies – King Rising Levitation………people will watch both of your feet go off the ground. The value of these additional free products totals $100.70.


-    Pure grade-A Brad Christian on all the DVDs – our best teacher and the founder of Ellusionist

-    A complete training course, beginner through advanced – all you will ever need

-    DVDs that contain state-of-the-art training, multiple angles, voiceovers, etc.

-    The training that is proven to WORK, giving you the skills you need to amaze anyone


Order your set today.  All items covered under the 90-day Ellusionist Refund Policy.  You have nothing to lose – what you gain are skills of illusion that test the boundaries of reality and will be with you for the rest of your life.  Order.  If you don’t like what you find for any reason return the collection in 90 days and receive your money back.  Take advantage of what this set can give to you.

Read full 90-Day Ellusionist Refund Guarantee here.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Mark Mitchell

    Dec 2014

    I am returning to magic after a 25 year break. So basically I am starting all over. This DVD set is amazing. It does a great job explaining steps and processes in clear and proper detail. I would be lost without this set. I watch each video and take detailed notes in my performance journal to help keep it all together. I tried several Madison downloads and found myself lost until I sat through these DVDs. It also came with several cards and other small items in the set and that was a nice value addition. As a suggestion, I think shipping the set with a recommended watching order and suggested other Ellusionist site tricks/DVDs/Downloads that are good for additions to this set would make it perfect!.

  • by Savvas Nikolaides

    Dec 2011

    Bought this bundle a year ago for a friend of mine who wanted to start doing magic for fun. Since then he has not stopped watch the DVD's and has blown my mind with what he has learned. I have introduced him to the web site and weekly we are checking out new and old items to buy and learn.

  • by Andrew

    Oct 2011

    Let me put it in a nutshell by saying 2 things.

    1. While the promotion is still going you're paying $240 for $350 worth of stuff (did the math myself).
    2. This is the best magic stuff out there.

    Regardless of whether the promotion is over or not when you're buying this it's a BIG discount and it's the BEST stuff you'll find anywhere. Out of 10, I give it a 14. A NECESSITY.