Ellusionist iPhone Cases

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$5 each

Our Artwork. Your iPhone. It's a match made in Playing Card Heaven.

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Available in Arcane Ace, Artifice Joker and - exclusive to the Black Club - the Black Artifice Ace, these impact-resistant, one-piece iPhone cases protect your cell phone in style, and give you enough variety to change the look of your phone to match your mood.

The simple 'Snap-On, Snap-Off' construction fits either the iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5 - so be sure to choose the correct size for your iPhone.

As a special introductory offer, when you buy one case, we'll give you 50% off the other - just choose the Bundle option in the drop-down.

Customer Reviews

  • by Ben Dent

    Nov 2015

    Picked the Arcane Ace. Case looks good, shiny unlike in photo but still good

  • by Wyld2006

    Jul 2014

    As you can see the design is very cool. The case its self isn't the most durable case available, but i have dropped my phone with it on and the phone wasn't damaged. I needed a new case and they averaged $40 at the local store, so when I saw a case here for $16 I gave it a try. If you drop your phone a lot then I would go with a different case, but otherwise this case works just fine.

  • by Dan Garf

    Nov 2013

    I love the artifice joker case, such amazing artwork. I'm a big fan of the case minus the fact the your phone can still become damaged if you drop this.

    ADDED BONUS: use the artifice case for a card to pocket routine where after performing a card to pocket successfully you do it again forcing the same ace in the jokers hand and empty your pockets revealing only your iPhone and no cards anywhere. Then after you admit defeat have the spectator turn the phone case over revealing their selected card. Love this one.