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Stacking for the card man is no easy task. He must possess the ability, accuracy and precision to assemble something very beautiful. One card more or one card less will ruin such a work of art.

The cards themselves are pieces of a puzzle being put together, like strokes of a painting completing a deceptive masterpiece.

When false deals fail, stacking is the new weapon utilised by the card man. Jeff Lianza has broken this system down to a science. His hands are able to determine fortunes made or lost with the turn of a card.
- Shade.

Full Overview

Jeff Lianza's 'Equations' is a flawlessly written manuscript dedicated to solving Scarne's Riffle Stacking Problem on-the-fly. How many X cards must be dropped in between the desired cards to have them turn up precisely where they're needed?

Jeff's system not only teaches you the mechanics and methods of the stacking system, but provides a complete understanding of why it works. The 'Equation' allows you to deal the perfect hand to any seat with any number of players - as named by the spectator.

In 'The Hold Em Poker Stack' Jeff even goes as far as to teach the system to completely stack the deck, with the winning hand dealt to any player from any number of seats, with burn cards, flop, turn and river stacked to fall as skilfully orchestrated by the magician.

With teaching that includes the Casino standard of 'Riffle, RIffle, Strip, Riffle', if it weren't for the disclaimer at the start of the book, you may be tempted to take this system to a paid table - which we can not advise against strongly enough. This system is for the demonstration of gambling techniques for entertainment purposes only.

This is not a book for the beginner or faint of heart. Whilst there is much here for the novice, you do need to know how to riffle shuffle, and understand that this is a book for study, not for light reading. But for those who put in the effort - the rewards are boundless.

Format: Printed book.
Difficulty: Advanced.
Duration: 131 Pages.