Erdnase x Madison


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Customer Reviews

  • by George

    Jun 2017

    If your thinking about purchasing this...STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND BUY IT! Hands down best purchase I have made from Ellusionist.
    This is so much more than just just Erdnase X Madison.

  • by Pamela

    May 2017

    This was absolutely worth the money. As a young magician with ADD, it is hard to read older magic books. I have gotten most of my material so far from watching other magicians, and slowing things down. However, this was the perfect way for me to learn all the fundamental sleights. The whole course took me about 2 days to get through because it is just so entertaining and in depth. Warning, this is not a beginner's product. If I had watched this a year ago, I would've been completely lost. Make sure you are at an adept level before taking on this project.

  • by Shawn Beckner

    May 2017

    The true value in this project is the mentality it takes to reach the next level. No matter what level your at it's in the words of Madison. I think this time he came to this project wanting to leave something behind and wipe his hands free of it. So by releasing that knowledge he releases all the good and bad and grief behind his art. There's also a beauty in this product because he touches on the unconscious competence of making a move look natural yet choppy. The art behind how a magician should think is in the confidence he has in himself while performing an act of deception. It's the approach to the emotional response of being deceiving. Here lies that approach. Which in my opinion is a true art in itself. Not allowing your emotions to be truly not dictated by others. This is the art of magic and life. Without it life is DOGMA. I like to thank D.M. for this contribution. Everything will stay sealed on a shelf to remind me. Even though I've spent 12 years learning magic and those very principles that there are some of us looking to do something different then most.