Erdnase x Madison


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Customer Reviews

  • by Claudio

    Jul 2017

    Hi everyone!
    I have to say it's a sublime book I have the original S.W Erdnase book too and Daniel Madison's take on it is a real nice perspective it also made me look at it in a different kinda way.
    It's a pleasing box and package all round the playing cards that are included are better than fine!
    It's really cool that the green edition of the ExM cards are only available in the box set it just gives that exclusive feeling to it and the design is just sublime!
    These are the actual cards that are drawn up in the original book and Madison took this idea and made it into a real deck of supreme playing cards!
    To get back on the book, it contains all the information the original does but with Madison's take on it with his perspective on it, I for one really love it!
    To all of you who are still doubting themselves I say just go for it it's more than worth it!

  • by George

    Jun 2017

    If your thinking about purchasing this...STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND BUY IT! Hands down best purchase I have made from Ellusionist.
    This is so much more than just just Erdnase X Madison.

  • by Pamela

    May 2017

    This was absolutely worth the money. As a young magician with ADD, it is hard to read older magic books. I have gotten most of my material so far from watching other magicians, and slowing things down. However, this was the perfect way for me to learn all the fundamental sleights. The whole course took me about 2 days to get through because it is just so entertaining and in depth. Warning, this is not a beginner's product. If I had watched this a year ago, I would've been completely lost. Make sure you are at an adept level before taking on this project.