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Throughout the years a number of card effects have been created and performed by many top professionals around the world, and without a doubt one the most popular ever performed is "The Ambitious Card." A card is selected, signed and placed into the middle of the deck, then without any additional movements the selected card rises to the top. But where do you go from there? The effect needs to keep progressing to a more visual and more impossible outcome.

Ellusionist.com, in association with Daniel Garcia, brings you FALLEN.

Any time during your Ambitious Card routine the signed card is openly placed in the middle of deck sticking halfway out. The magician then proceeds to CAUSE THE ENTIRE DECK TO OPENLY FALL THROUGH THE CARD while it is in FULL VIEW, bringing the selected card to the top once again.

"Wow. I own all of the Loops DVDs, Indecent, Mercury, The Trilogy, and more, and I can truthfully say that this has already earned a higher place in my heart than any of them."
- Jimmy, Canyon Country, CA
"I always get the WHAT THE F factor when I perform it."
- Shane
" I actually SAW Danny perform this.... god it's amazing!"
- Calvin Lauber - Ellusionist forum member

Customer Reviews

  • by Johnie

    Nov 2016

    Great trick the spectators jaw will fall to the ground a must have

  • by Benny Wen

    Dec 2013

    Very easy and visual trick! The only down side is you have to watch where your audience placement is, so for a big crowd I would not recommend this trick

  • by Tod Waller

    Nov 2013

    This is a great visual piece of magic to add to your arsenal of magic effects. It is a really great item to add to your AC routine. This is one of those things that make people tilt their head like a dog when they see the deck just melt down through the chosen card. It is a really fun effect to do and it is pretty easy to learn. Always a nice plus. If you like good, visual magic then add this to your cart and buy!