Fallen Spade Emblem Ring

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The Fallen Spade wears its distressed Ace with pride, a battle scar testament to its determination to be more than an empty symbol like its unadorned brothers. A beacon of non-conformity, the ring is drop forged and distressed making it both stylish and manly.

A style statement for all those onlookers wondering who you are and what mysteries you hold.

Available in sizes S-M and M-L.

Translation: S-M is a ring size 9 US, and the M-L is ring size 11 US. Order the ring that most appropriately fits your hand, but realize you may have to vary which finger/thumb you wear the ring on. For more help with sizing, Wikipedia has a great article, here.

Customer Reviews

  • by Tim Waters

    Oct 31, 2014

    Its an eye catcher. If you're like me I hate asking someone if I can show them a trick etc., I'd rather be asked. Always makes for a better effect. This looks old, original and people ask me about it. Then they ask to be amazed. I love it.

  • by Gregory Johnson

    May 29, 2014

    Being a jeweler myself, I had to have this. I was not disappointed. The ring shank is extremely thick and well made. I know it's produced by investment casting, but all of the left intact tool marks make this ring appear hand made. Truly an incredible yet subtle piece of jewelry that whispers - "I will amaze you..."

    I bought the Large size and on my ring mandrel it measured 11.5 size.

  • by Raymond Degan

    Mar 20, 2014

    Great looking, rugged ring. Well worth the price.



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