Fallen Spade Emblem Ring

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The Fallen Spade wears its distressed Ace with pride, a battle scar testament to its determination to be more than an empty symbol like its unadorned brothers. A beacon of non-conformity, the ring is drop forged and distressed making it both stylish and manly.

A style statement for all those onlookers wondering who you are and what mysteries you hold.

Available in sizes S-M and M-L.

Translation: S-M is a ring size 9 US, and the M-L is ring size 11 US. Order the ring that most appropriately fits your hand, but realize you may have to vary which finger/thumb you wear the ring on. For more help with sizing, Wikipedia has a great article, here.

Customer Reviews

  • by Steve Doyle

    Feb 18, 2014

    I loved the ring, its manly style, its worn forged look, its corrosion proof so that you can wash your hands with it and every single aspect about it. My only wish is that it could be magnetized but its perfect either way.
    I loved it and I recommend for everyone to buy it, I know you will love it too.

  • by AWK

    Feb 11, 2014

    I like the ring a lot overall, it is very chunky and the fallen spade brings out my personality more. It looks really nice on me and is a good conversation starter. However, there are a few things I want to point out. I suggest you not buy this ring if you want to buy a ring for a ring routine such as Invisible by Damien Savina or De'ring by De'vo. This ring is more of a looker than a utility device, something that I wish it was. I wish that this was more of a usable ring in the ring magic they sell at Ellusionist.
    Overall: 8/10
    Looks: 9/10
    Quality: 9.5/10
    Practicality/Usability: 5/10

  • by Jules

    Feb 5, 2014

    As soon as my fourteen year old son saw this he knew he wanted it for his Birthday. When I saw the price I told him that if he wanted it, it was all me and his Dad could afford to get him. HE DIDN'T CARE. He is so intent on having this after reading all the reviews about it that he was happy just having that. Wow. He has never wanted anything so much before. Having paid import charges and courier charges of an extra ninety pounds I think it's worth it. Having now received the ring I can see the quality too. I know it is going to make his day.