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"A strange twilight world opened up before me, and I felt as the first man to set foot on another planet, an intruder in this mystic garden of the deep."
Jules Verne, 20000 Leagues Under The Sea

The voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. When we took our world apart and examined its make up, we were left with four simple elements. Earth. Air. Fire… and Water.

This is the first of those discoveries, born from the graceful flow of water.

Customer Reviews

  • by Charis Manesi

    Mar 2016

    I am very pleased with all my decks, I bought the 6 pack deal and they came very fast to Greece, I am only little disappointed because they are not 100% plastic. Other than that amazing designs.

  • by Valentin Kuperman

    Feb 2016

    Being a pirate performer, I can definitely appreciate the Aqua theme of this deck. It has amazing artwork and handles well in real-time.

  • by Magic Orthodoxy

    Mar 2015

    If you have Fire (Ignite) then you need water. The Origin series is a wonderful set. Beautiful colors and even better fans. This deck handles like liquid!