Winco Forks (Box of 12)


$4.95 each

We asked Morgan Strebler why he chooses this brand of Winco fork to perform Liquid Metal 2, he replied without hesitation, "I know my flatware, trust me."

Apparently he has tried them all. Morgan has chosen this particular fork as his 'best all around' worker for years. A strong, solid fork that you can bend easily with the right leverage, but still be near impossible to bend it back by a spectator.

This fork medium-weight, dinner fork with a clean simple design. Approximately 7" long and features a polished chrome finish in 18/0 stainless steel.

Comes in a box of 12 Winco forks.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Aaron Ace

    Jun 2014

    Not for beginners. These forks are tough and heavy duty. If you have been doing fork bending for a while now, these are perfect for you since they are not flimsy or easy to bend. For the quality, these are decently priced!

  • by Nick Wooden

    May 2014

    These are great for metal bending. They aren't as easy as the cheap department store brands, but they also aren't as brittle. Will take me some beefing up on finger strength to cork screw these properly and bend the tines with out a god degree of effort though.

  • by David Troutman

    Nov 2013

    For the price, these forks are extremely hard to beat! Sure, it takes some time to get used to the handling but for consistency and quality, these forks are a great value for your money!