Q. How do these Guaranteed Free Gifts work?
A. The more you buy in a single purchase, the more gifts you can choose. The setup is similar to the Free Gift Giveaways we've had in the past. We have six spending levels, or tiers ($75, $150, $300, $450, $600, $1000). You get to select a gift for every tier you reach in a single purchase. The cool thing is that you keep a gift choice from each level you reach. For example if you reach the $450 level, you will also get choices from the $75, $150, and $300 levels.

Q. Great! Where do I sign up?
A. Participation is automatic and requires no extra setup -- all you have to do is ensure that you are making purchases through your customer account. Gifts for which you are eligible will appear at checkout.

Q: There's a limited number of some of these items, such as the Signed Mechanic DVDs, or the Lucite cases. What happens when they run out?
A: When they're gone, they're gone forever. They will never be remade.

Q. Why the heck would I pay $300 for a blue deck of cards? Or $150 for a set of coins?
A. Technically, you're not. You're, first and foremost, purchasing INCREDIBLE magic, which is going to keep you busy for a long time and, depending on how far you decide to go with your magic, help you land gigs and build a business. These items are free GIFTS, meant to thank you for being such a power customer.

Q. What counts toward the tiers? Does shipping count?
A. Any supplies, videos, books or other merchandise counts toward the tiers, after any discounts apply, excluding Gift Cards. We use your cart subtotal for calculation. You can load up your cart with $150 worth of knitted beanies and qualify. Shipping, duties, fees and any other applicable taxes do not count toward the tiers.

Q. I want to stock up on cards, and I have a coupon code, but using that coupon pushes my final total below $75. What counts, the actual cost or after-discount cost?
A. The after-discount cost. Any coupon codes, discounts or other bonuses can affect what tier your purchase reaches.

Q. Do I have to pay for the shipping on any of these items?
A. No, as long as your order contains shippable items. If you order enough in downloads, you will qualify, but you will need to add a shippable item for the free gifts to be added to your order.

Q. I bought a couple of bricks of cards last week. Does that count toward my total?
A. Sorry. You must reach one of the tiers in a single purchase.

Q. I'd like to combine two or more of my purchases to reach a higher level. Can I do that?
A. Again, you must reach one of the levels in a single purchase.

Q. OK, I just racked up $75 in my cart. Once I make the purchase, what do I get?
A. You get your choice of one of the items at that tier. For $75, you can choose the Vintage Deck Jacket, Artifice Clip or HALO Fibre Optik Wristband.

Q. How do I select my items?
A. At checkout, the items for which you qualify will pop up. All you do is select which ones you want.