Gamble by Andi Gladwin

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Not normally known for his gambling demonstrations, Andi Gladwin breaks out of his box to teach THREE routines that demonstrate much more skill than is actually required - but we can keep that our secret.

These routines outline how to cheat at cards, but all three contain elements of “superhuman” skill that border on the impossible. Two of the three routines will require a decent amount of practice (as they require you to use some false dealing, such as Andi's Master Pushoff, which is explained in brief), but they will definitely set you apart as a master of the pasteboards.

You’re about to see Andi Gladwin in a new light: as a technical wizard and an innovator of gambling magic plots. You'll learn:

From the Center: A version of Steve Mayhew's Poker Deal where you apparently center deal face-up cards from the middle of the deck. Watch closely and you'll swear that the cards really do come from the middle.

Misdeal: A brand new gambling plot that Andi has used to fool dozens of card experts. There are rarely “new” innovations in gambling routines, but this certainly qualifies.

Memorized Center Deal: You deal the four Aces from a deck that the participant just shuffled a moment before ... and it's nowhere near as difficult as it looks. A new concept that can be applied to many other routines.

Format: Download / Stream
Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced
Duration: 26 Minutes