Ghost Gaff Deck


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The Bicycle Ghost Gaff Deck is a full collection of special art cards designed to fit secretly with your normal Ghost deck. No spectator expects cards like these.This allows you to perform amazing illusions that were never thought possible.


If you could use a card that is: shot, aged, flipped, zipped, fallen, faded, ripped and stuck, box printed, blank, creepy, blacked out, swirled, thumb printed, smudged, inked wrong, mis-made, tagged, transferred, erased, added to, too high, shifted, shattered, fractioned, blurred, skeletal, or predictive...


Note: Due to multiple print runs we cannot guarantee which cards are going to be in the gaff deck.

Customer Reviews

  • by Ruben

    Jan 2017

    It is cool and all but some of the cards that are shown wasn't in the deck when I bought it
    I am little upset but other then that
    Its alright

  • by Didier

    Jan 2017

    I own a couple gaffed decks like the Arcane gaffed cards and buying this gaffed deck actually left me disappointed. These cards are unique and costly to make so everybody knows, but it was a true crime removing many Ghost gaff deck cards that made the deck unique. I was so disappointed because in the video promotion different cards where shown 13 of diamonds, the crows and the reversed Joker, name of few they are not in there anymore!!!!! The ghost gaff deck really is almost the same as the Arcane gaff deck, disappointing for me because I own more gaffed decks. It is really sad if all the gaffed decks are going to be te same. Totally insane! Please remove the old video! Stop making the gaffed decks all the same!

  • by Daan Prinsze

    Dec 2016

    Gaff cards are amazing to use! But I am really disappointed that some cards are not included as is advertised! You guys should clarify that there are different pressings of this deck going around!