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Q: Am I eligible to win?
A: Yes! Absolutely all visitors to the Ellusionist web site are free to enter, including Elites Members & Mods from our forums. Ellusionist staff is of course ineligible.

Q: Does it cost anything to enter?
A: Not a penny. Everyone gets one free entry to the contest, and that is all it takes to win. (Limit of one free entry per shipping address/household/customer name). Remember back to our previous contests.... lots and lots of people won excellent prizes who didn't think they would win. All it takes is one chance - it COULD be you.

Q: How do I get additional free entries?
A: You cannot get additional free entries - there is only one entry per shipping address/household/customer name.

Q: If I enter through the free form, can I still get additional entries through purchases?
A: Only one free entry is accepted, however multiple order entries will be counted.

Q: If I only make purchases but don't enter through the free form, will I still be entered into the contest?
A: Yes. You will get a single entry for every order placed and be automatically entered for each purchase of $25 or more.

Q: What if I fill out the form and place an order on the site?
A: You will get a single free entry and one entry for placing an order.. No one will be able to get more than one free entry for this contest, however you can have multiple entries for ordering multiple times.

Q: How will my prizes be shipped?
A: All prizes are shipped with flat rate for continental US residents, and Airmail to any other countries or locations. You do not have to pay for shipping, this is also on us --- enjoy!

Q: How long will shipping take?
A: See our shipping page for full details.

Q: Can I pay for another shipping method?
A: No. The only available shipping methods for the contest are flat rate or regular Airmail.

Q: When will the winners be announced?
A: The winners will be announced on January 5, 2011 by midnight PST. The announcement will be made in the forums, and on blog. Nowhere else. Bookmark those pages.

Q: How do I collect my giveaway?
A: You will receive an e-mail from the Ellusionist Team after the winners are announced with information on your prize and how you will receive it.

Q: Can I change or substitute the prizes?
A: No, the prizes are set and cannot be changed in any way.

Q: What happens if I enter the free form more than once?
A: We will be checking for duplicate entries based on multiple criteria. Duplicates will be stripped out. Duplicate entries from the form and orders on the site will be consolidated into single entries.

Q: How can I tell for sure if Ellusionist received my free entry?
A: After you submit the form, it will let you know if it was successful or not. Please do not click the submit button more than once, as this could result in duplicate entries.

Q: How can I tell if Ellusionist received my entry from a purchase?
A: As long as the order was successfully placed within the contest time period (see above), then the entries are automatically received and included in the giveaway.

Q: I've always ordered a lot from Ellusionist... does that count toward the giveaway?
A: No. Only orders placed during the contest time period count towards the giveaway.

Q: Will Mail Orders count towards the contest?
A: As long as the order is received and processed during the contest time period, then it will count. US Money orders clear immediately and will give you a better chance of making it within the contest time period.

Q: Can I enter if I've never ordered anything from here?
A: Sure, go ahead. Maybe you'll become one of our good customers in the future... we'll take good care of you, answer your questions, and get you some super-hot products ~ signed, sealed, and delivered safely to your door.

Q: Can I still enter if all I do is talk smack about Ellusionist? :)
A: Sure, go ahead. We're all about the holiday cheer. We're actually kind, loving, warm, and caring people who enjoy long walks on beaches, candlelit dinners, and rollerblading. Happy Holidays. We'll look forward to your entry.

Q: With all due respect, are you guys crazy?
A: Our clients are very, VERY good people. They express this goodness and help maintain the great vibe Ellusionist has by expressing themselves in our discussion forums, and by the emails they send and posts they make in other forums around the net. We simply want to give a gift BACK to you for being the great people that you are and being so supportive of Ellusionist. THANK YOU, YOU ROCK (yes, you).




Follow these steps for a free entry into the contest:

STEP 1)   Follow @ellusionist on Twitter.

STEP 2)   Simply tweet:

Just entered to win a customized XBox, IPad & ITouch all at once. Just follow @ellusionist and retweet. #ellusion2010

(copy above text and paste into Twitter)

Make sure the text is exactly as above so that we can track your entry!


STEP 1)   "Like" the Ellusionist Facebook Fan Page

STEP 2)   Simply Post the following on YOUR FACEBOOK WALL (please do not post to the Ellusionist wall):

Just entered to win a customized XBox, IPad & ITouch all at once. Just "like" and repost to your wall. #ellusion2010

(copy above text and paste into Facebook)

Make sure the text is exactly as above so that we can track your entry!





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