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It is rare that a limited edition deck is available for actual purchase - but for 2 weeks these Limited Edition decks were available. We printed only 5000 of the Orange Husters and no more will be created.

The only way to get Orange Hustlers now is in the Rewards Store.

A Note From Daniel Madison

Purple and Limited-Edition Orange will be the last two decks ever created in the Madison Logo Series.
When faced with the challenge of making a new Madison deck I wanted to dare to be different and do something that would take everybody by surprise.

Minimalistic and monochrome are two words that have become synonymous with my image and style and I wanted to change that with the Madison Hustlers; I wanted to take a risk and create something very much on the outside of my comfort zone.

I chose two colors that had never been used before on playing cards; a purple that’s approaching pink and an orange as bright as I could find - two colors perfect for summertime madness.

Heavily inspired by the casinos of the 50’s and 60’s, I wanted to create something that wouldn’t look out of place in the original Ocean’s 11 film.

In line with the previous Madison decks, the design revolves around the M logo, which although appears four times in the design, you never see a complete logo.

 I wanted something that would appeal to both gamblers and magicians - something that would have the benefits of an all over design whilst at the same time retain the ‘magicians-ally’ - borders.

To do this, I only placed borders on the sides of the deck and bled the design to the top and bottom, and within these borders, I offered a one-way system by offsetting the left border by 1mm.

I created a new Ace of Spades that hosted only the M logo with no Spade and the Joker in this deck is a new favorite, which of course, has a special reveal hidden within.

This deck represents change and the confidence to dare to be different. I am Daniel Madison, and these are the Madison Hustlers.

Customer Reviews

  • by Magic Orthodoxy

    Jun 3, 2014

    As always, top notch product from Ellusionist and Daniel Madison. At first, the colors threw me, but once they are in your hands, your inner hustler takes over. Love the dichotomy of the short sides vs long sides! Never seen a deck like this before!

  • by David Sykes

    May 30, 2014

    I was incredibly dubious about the colors available, but I decided to order a brick and take a chance.

    I was stunned by how beautifully they handle, and when fanned they look absolutely stunning. My only wish is to see non limited editions in deep red, blue, green and black.

    Seriously print them in a normal color scheme and I will be buying them in the dozens of each.

  • by Matthew Whittaker

    May 30, 2014

    Very disappointed with the design of the last deck in the Madison logo series! This really is an ugly deck. I got some anyway because once I've held decks in my hands that I thought were bad looking ended up being pretty nice... Not these. The redeeming factor for these cards is the one way side borders. I do like how the borders on just the sides came out and the one way is a nice add on to it.