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Now that you have delicately revealed that the four aces 'just happen' into your hands time and time again. It's time to deliver the death blow. In your Magnum Opus of Ace productions, you now spit all 4 of the coveted aces into your other hand in one fluid movement.

BONUS: IceShot Ace Production - This flourish designed by Valdemar Gestur fluidly extracts and produces the 4 aces while throwing 2 of the aces in one hand while deftly displaying the other two, simultaneously.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Runtime: 8 Minutes

Taught by: Valdemar Gestur

Credit: Dai Vernon

Customer Reviews

  • by John Figueroa

    Apr 5, 2011

    This is the first trick I bough without following my gut. I usually research every trick I buy and determine whether or not I should be able to do it. I am a beginner to SOH's and I thought that this would be a good start. I mean I read that it took alot of practice and that it was for intermediates. I thought that with relentless practice I would get this down. Boy was I wrong. Seriously when they say intermediate they MEAN intermediate. As in 'not for beginners'! It's a good trick (and I was able to pull it off like 1/20 times) but if your a noob at SOH's than pass on this until you gain more experience.

    (F.Y.I. I literally practiced until my little finger started to bleed(I mean REALLY bleed) and I still did not get it completely down. Seriously it is difficult.)

  • by casey jones

    Aug 4, 2010

    well im 12 and bought this and i still cant get the sleight down i end up with cards every were so if you buy this i recommend big hands or dexterity