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Touch, squeeze or press anything and it becomes a Radio.... yes, real FM Radio sounds from ANYTHING.
Your hands are always totally empty, yet the Radio sounds really do seem to come from the object you're holding. It's so easy to do, and you've got NOTHING to palm, hide or get rid of.

Full Overview

Your hands are always empty. Nothing to palm, hide or ditch - you are totally clean.
Always ready to go and you can perform this at a moments notice and totally impromptu.

A unique easy to perform effect - whether your are a novice or seasoned professional in magic - INSTANT RADIO is so easy, reliable and practical to perform that you can concentrate 100% on your presentation without worrying about complex handling.

You'll be using this within 15 minutes and once set-up INSTANT RADIO will be ready at a moments notice. The easy to use, reliable and universal intuitive switching system is a pleasure use - a dream to activate - and has been widely praised by magicians worldwide..... and it's not an uncomfortable irritating 'Toe Switch'.

Activates instantly without any apparent movement and the revolutionary scanning feature ensures you get real FM Radio sounds in a heartbeat.

Customer Reviews

  • by Lyndsay Daltoe

    Feb 17, 2014

    It is a really clever idea but I don't understand some of the logic with design. Played with it for a while and wasn't too happy with a few things.

    1. In my opinion it would have been better with an analog tuning option. Reason - it will scan to the first available station in your area which in my case was a small foreign station (or sometimes to the following religious music channel). Although it has a scan button to change the station, I cant imagine how you could use it while performing. Even if you scan to a good channel before performing, once you release the switch it will go back to the start. I would like to select the station myself before the performance starts so I could use a stooge to name their favorite channel etc.

    2. The method for activation is good, but I didn't feel very comfortable wearing it for any more than 5 mins. I have since designed my own utility for a method which works great for me (also works with electric touch). Now I am able to have it ready for extended periods of time without any problems.

    3. The antenna isn't very good. reception can be a bit iffy, once again I had to pull it apart and modify the antenna for better receiving strength.

    Overall I could have bought a cheap mini fm radio with an analog tuner, (with or without a channel set function) and a built in speaker - then modified it to suit. That would have cost half the price.

    Some will love it while other might have buyers regret and may just sit in the cupboard. My email is if anyone wants to know a different switch activation method (not just for IR 2.0)

  • by Eric Bailey

    Jan 5, 2014

    Meh...its a cute gimmick. The quality is lacking. Its very static-y for sure. Its also not super durable. Unlike many, i'd prefer the toe trigger because having a switch...where this one is....makes it tough to perform a whole set....3/5.

  • by James Mac Arthur

    Sep 26, 2013

    This is a fun little effect you can add to your routines. Not too difficult, and can get great reactions and laughs out of your audience. Can be used as a magic enhancer, or even its' own trick.