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Some of the previous inventors at Ellusionist:

Corey King for King Rising Levitation
Kevin Parker for Revolution
Michael Kelley for the Black Deck Concept
Travis McPherson for SLAM
Geir Bratlie for Infusion
David Kong for Mercury
Anthony Co for Mindbender

IMPORTANT: WE DO NOT RESPOND UNLESS WE ARE INTERESTED IN YOUR EFFECT. Please do not ask for feedback on your trick. We may ask a question or two, or ask for a video clip sample.... this means we are still trying to determine the value of the submission.


We want material that meets our guidelines and will be highly successful on our award winning web site. If you submit your latest pass or side steal or card trick we usually click "delete". With Kevin Parker's Revolution we were on the phone 10 minutes after seeing a clip of it — on a Sunday. Two weeks later it was on our site and an instant smash success.

We see many ideas but the real question to ask yourself is WILL this sell by itself. Look at the killer visual magic we sell on ellusionist — our standards are high. Which is not to say that YOU can't invent something that is absolutely KILLER too — anyone can with the right idea and by putting enough thought into it. The best idea is to send a video clip of the trick so we can get an idea of what it LOOKS like. We don't like long, complicated descriptions of methods that are difficult to understand. If you really think you have a winner it's worth taking the time to put it on tape.


Will my method be confidential?

Of course. Only team ellusionist® will see your effect and if we even "think" we might use it later we will come to an agreement with you. We have done this with a few items so far this year. We will not use your effect or method in any way without coming to an agreement with you first.


What do I get out of it if ellusionist accepts my product?

This depends. In most cases we pay the creator a royalty on every unit sold. This can be very lucrative for you. In still other cases for smaller items you may simply be given a free shopping spree on ellusionist to go crazy with. It all depends on your particular product and how "hot" it is. Kevin Parker (Revolution) quit his job three days after the release of Revolution. We only believe in a win-win situation, ever. You win, we win. It's the only way to do things.


Why ellusionist rather than other companies?

Read this carefully. We know how to take a product and shape it, make it the ultimate and then market it with tremendous worldwide reach. You will see full page magazine ads in Genii, Magic Magazine, and MUM and our full-on national TV advertising on Comedy Central, TLC, The Discovery Channel, and the Blaine Specials. Everywhere you turn on the Internet you'll find links to ellusionist. No one has the savvy, the customer base, the marketing, the writing ability, and sheer power to put your product out there BIG TIME and keep it out there. The problem with taking your effect to a wholesaler is that it will usually have a short shelf life of a couple of months where things look good and then it will start to collect dust. Unfortunately, wholesalers are not in a position to promote your effect and KEEP promoting it. It does well while it's the 'new kid on the block' and then say goodbye - it's on its own. What you need is a constant flow of NEW eyes on your effect. With well over a million hits per month and rising, you GET that at Ellusionist.

We are the only company that has mastered PROTECTED downloads and can protect a product once it's on the market. Also, when you produce an item though a normal magic distributor it tends to be "hot" for a couple of months and then die. It gets no promotion and sits on the distributor's shelves gathering dust. Also, it may or may not get the attention it deserves from the distributor when packaging it and setting up marketing. It's similar to the phrase you hear in the record business, "I have a dynamite album but the record company just refused to promote it... they just didn't get behind it!". At ellusionist we don't take on anything we don't really, really like. If we're going to do it, we do it - all the way. Just look at our products-- the attention and care they get. And we treat our inventors the same way.


Are you a pro magician with original material you want to promote on DVD?

We have begun to produce and market other magicians exclusively on ellusionist. We have done this with flourish legend De'vo (although he produced his own DVD with suggestions thrown in by us). Brad and Michael Ammar have been looking for a project to do together — RT Showmann will produce a DVD through ellusionist — Nate Staniforth will have a performance-only DVD with ellusionist, and Marc Desouza's Shapeshifter was recently released on DVD at Ellusionist.


Is a gimmick OK to submit?

Sure, some of the very best tricks involve gimmicks — the Raven, Thumb Tip, CoinBite, tons of different coins, invisible thread, and on and on. Remember, however, we have to take into account the cost of manufacture and how easy it is to manufacture — a killer gimmick is worth it though for a mindblowing effect!

Could I really be the one to invent something? Absolutely. Many magicians have a small web site and sell an effect or two that they invented, similar to Kevin Parker and Revolution. He was sitting on a mindblowing idea with no real way to get it out there. One day he decided to submit through this very page. Three weeks later he quit his dead-end job and is attempting to come up with his next miracle effect. A great effect is nothing without phenomenal marketing and super high quality production to back it up — unless you want to keep it to yourself and just use it as a reputation maker — that's OK too, many magicians do. But if you're ever ready to share it with the magic community, we'll be here.


How will I do it?

First of all, believe us, you CAN. All you have to do is let your mind go and open up to everything and ANY possibility. Try to imagine if you could really do magic — you could make cards move — crush things till they disappear — find someone's card in an impossible manner. Look at things in life — everything — and imagine doing magic with it. Look for the impossible and then find a way to do it. Find places to get inspiration and then figure your OWN stuff out. Think of different kinds of magic, perhaps magic that involves the body in some way (always incredible for street magic) — how was the needle through the arm invented? Why did David Blaine swallow a thread and then pull it out of his stomach? How was the Twisting Arm illusion invented? Is there something you can make up that involves clothes or objects people carry with them all the time? Is there a trick that you can make a drastic improvement on? Is there a gimmick you could invent that the spectator never sees but allows you to do things you could never normally do?

What do we look for?

- When you see it performed it looks A M A Z I N G
- Near impossible to tell how it's done when watching a trailer
- Can be small or big, doesn't matter
- VISUAL (will it look good in a preview?)

What's a good bet?

- Levitations of any kind
- Visual vanishes (like Revolution)
- Unique, nothing like it on the market
- Sudden appearances or changes
- A prop that helps in magic
- Maybe it's just an incredible IDEA for something, or for this web site
- Got some incredible footage? Old footage from long ago? Send it in!

IMPORTANT: all submissions are kept in strictest confidence.  We will not, however, respond to everything submitted to us. We read all effects submitted, but many are tricks such as, " OK, so, you pick a card — then you shuffle it back in....". We just don't have time to respond to effects like that. We want hard hitting material NOT currently on the market.


We are not looking for tricks that you read in a book. We get too many emails that have nothing to do with *hard hitting material* and are only sent in by someone hoping to "win the lottery" at Ellusionist. If you are not positive that this is a genuine, killer, awesome, huge seller - don't submit it. Examples of what NOT to submit would be:

"They choose any card, totally a free choice. I take that card and put it on top of the deck. Even get them to sign they're name on it. They see me insert it into the deck but with a snap it returns to the top. (Not a double lift, not a pass)."


"u set the deck two aces on the bottom and on top then u say to the spectator pick any card they pick a card (make sure it is not the two top or two bottom) then say put it on the top and they do then u really fastly put the two bottom cards (the aces)


"Card is placed in middle of deck rises to top with no pass. the top five or six cards are shown to spectator/s and the replaced on top all little flick or whatever you chose and the card goes from middle to top of deck in seconds."


This kind of material will never be accepted on the Ellusionist web site for sale.

We produce visual, hard-hitting, unique, effective magic. If you are hoping to "strike it rich" or "make it big" with tricks like the above -- it's not going to happen. We are looking for people who are extremely unusual and creative and have the ability to think outside the box. This does not mean that YOU cannot come up with something great. It just means that you should only send it in if you think it's the kind of thing Ellusionist really does.

Remember, it's very valuable to send a SHORT web clip that demonstrates what the spectator sees when they watch your trick.

Spell check and punctuation are important. No internet slang! When we see, "so u take the card and then i (lol)..." --> you guessed it, we click delete.

Think things through before you click submit. Make sure everything is easily understandable.

Submit by filling out THIS FORM.

Does it matter how OLD you are?

Not in the least - look at Corey King who invented the incredible King Rising® Levitation — this started as a small idea of Corey's and when he introduced it to Brad and both worked on it, it became what it is today — rock bottom, absolutely STUNNING impromptu levitation using NO gimmicks.  Corey was 16.